The First Time Alia Bhatt Wore A Saree: "By The Time I Reached School, My Pleats Opened"

Alia Bhatt shared the anecdote in a BTS video of her getting ready for the Met Gala 2024 

The First Time Alia Bhatt Wore A Saree: 'By The Time I Reached School, My Pleats Opened'

Alia shared this image. (courtesy: AliaBhatt)

New Delhi:

Alia Bhatt was the proverbial ‘belle of the ball' at Met Gala 2024, gliding down in a delicate saree as the world watched in awe. For the prestigious charity fashion event, Alia Bhatt rested her faith in ace couturier Sabyasachi, who created an “intricately handcrafted 23-foot-long saree” to fit the Garden Of Time dress code, replete with an extravagant pallu-train. While fashionistas in the Indian subcontinent were thrilled to see a saree at the Met Gala, Alia Bhatt recounted the very first time she wore a saree. Speaking to Vogue in a BTS video of her getting ready for the Met Gala, Alia Bhatt explained that things didn't go as planned. “I remember the first time I wore a saree was for Teachers' Day. I was in the 9th grade, and as I reached my school, my pleats opened. So I went into the bathroom, and they were like, ‘Baby, kya ho raha hai? (What's happening?)' and like quickly, quickly, they were putting my pleats back,” Alia shared.

Alia Bhatt also explained why she chose to turn up in a saree at the Met Gala. She said: “When it comes to an outfit, there's nothing more endless or timeless like a saree.” Then Sabyasachi shared that Alia was deeply engaged in the outfit creation process, bringing her references to achieve the desired look. He added: “She designed her own outfit.”

In the same video, Alia Bhatt also made another interesting revelation. Sharing that Sabyasachi wanted to become an architect instead of a fashion designer, Alia Bhatt shared her own alternate career choice. She said: “I have discovered that I would be a wedding planner. I love planning. I love plans.”

Sharing details about her ensemble, Alia Bhatt dropped a note, attached to a bunch of lovely images from the Met Gala red carpet. She wrote: “It was a call to the Garden of Time - an ode to art and eternity. Timelessness is endless, and we acknowledge that things crafted with time and care, can last forever. In our journey for an Indian interpretation of this universal theme, the outfit took on a life of its own. Nothing embodies tradition and innovation like the saree; in the skilled hands of @sabyasachiofficial, this vision found its fullest expression. We looked to the past as a guide for the future, drawing inspiration from the timeless sophistication of Indian nobility. We focused on intricate craftsmanship, incorporating hand embroidery, precious stones, along with elegant beadwork and fringes, distinctive of the 1920's fringe style. Our colour palette pays homage to nature's beauty, echoing the earth, sky, and sea. We embraced a delicate nostalgia for hair and makeup - an elevated coiffure embellished with intricately woven braids and soft freckles - a homage to time's gentle caress. Creating this has been quite an experience… fun and stressful in equal parts. It has taken a collective effort of 163 dedicated individuals, including master craftspeople, embroiderers, artists, and dyers, investing a total of 1965-man hours to create this ethereal saree. As I wear this outfit, I feel incredibly grateful to embody this exquisite creation, a testament to boundless love and painstaking effort,” and thanked her team.

This is Alia Bhatt's second Met Gala appearance. She attended the event last year in a Prabal Gurung creation.