Delhi Metro To Study Travel Patterns To Avoid Peak-Hour Overcrowding

The survey will be active on DMRC's social media pages from today to October 27.

Delhi Metro To Study Travel Patterns To Avoid Peak-Hour Overcrowding

Some sections of Delhi Metro have witnessed 100% peak-hour occupancy since reopening.

New Delhi:

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today announced that it is trying to prevent overcrowding and decongest the service during peak hours and will conduct an online survey to study travel patterns.  

Despite having resumed full services on September 12 after the months-long lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi Metro's occupancy has been limited. However, along certain sections of the network, it has witnessed 100% occupancy during peak commuting hours in the mornings and evenings.  

The survey is aimed at collecting information from commuters on their ability or possibility to schedule their travel during off-peak hours so as to avoid peak-hour rush. The link for this online survey will be activate on DMRC's social media pages and will be available till October 27, authorities have said.

The exercise is designed to cover aspects such as timings, line utilisation, the flexibility of commute planning during non-peak hours, and work-from-home alternatives available before Delhi Metro users.


A DMRC statement said, "The inputs provided in this survey would help the Delhi Metro to understand the commuters' requirements better and to further improve the services."

Referring to the peak-hour rush that the service has witnessed since reopening, DMRC said, "Commuters are requested to 'break the peak' by staggering the travel timings to decongest the peak hours and avail the additional capacity available during off-peak hours for their own convenience and safety amidst the Corona pandemic."