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Oxandrolone Bodybuilding Dosage, Side Effects, Benefits & How To Buy Oxandrolone Pills Online

The most complete guide to the Oxandrolone steroid in bodybuilding, covering the best cycles, dosages, potential side effects, and where to find authentic Oxandrolone for sale, enabling a risk-free purchase.

Oxandrolone Bodybuilding Dosage, Side Effects, Benefits & How To Buy Oxandrolone Pills Online

Are you aspiring to sculpt a lean physique that radiates strength rather than bulk? Is your current strength level impeding your workouts, posing a significant challenge? If you find yourself in this situation, the idea of incorporating steroids like Oxandrolone may have crossed your mind.

Considering the initiation of an Oxandrolone regimen? This choice can prove beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes seeking performance enhancement.

To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to grasp the precise dosage and timing for administering this steroid. In the following guide, you will gain comprehensive insights into Oxandrolone cycles, covering dosage details and recommended schedules, essential for making informed decisions about your fitness journey.


Exploring Oxandrolone and its Mechanism of Action

Oxandrolone, an oral anabolic steroid hormone, stands out as a distinctive compound also recognized by the name Anavar. Initially synthesized in 1962, this steroid has been a staple in the medical treatment of catabolic disorders for over three decades. Notably, Oxandrolone boasts exceptional oral bioavailability, allowing it to be administered orally, and it demonstrates resistance to liver metabolism. In contrast to testosterone, Oxandrolone does not undergo aromatization into estrogen.

Primarily utilized to counteract frailty and the loss of muscle mass associated with aging (sarcopenia) and various catabolic clinical disorders, including HIV-related muscle wasting, severe burn injuries, trauma post-surgery, and hepatitis, Oxandrolone serves a crucial medical purpose.

Renowned among bodybuilders and athletes, Oxandrolone is favored for its performance-enhancing effects without exposing users to significant risks of severe side effects. Additionally, its affordability makes it an attractive option for individuals mindful of their budget constraints.

The mechanism of action involves the stimulation of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, resulting in augmented muscle mass and strength.

Furthermore, Oxandrolone facilitates increased red blood cell production, contributing to enhanced endurance and faster recovery. Typically administered in pill form, Oxandrolone also offers the flexibility of injection as an alternative delivery method.

Oxandrolone Benefits

Oxandrolone boasts a multitude of benefits, with one of its primary advantages being its remarkable level of toleration. Its versatile benefits extend to both men and women, making it a valuable treatment for muscle-wasting diseases. As a non-aromatizing steroid, any weight gained with Oxandrolone is pure, lean muscle tissue.

Beyond muscle development, users experience enhanced performance in their exercise routines, making it particularly advantageous for females. The supplement aids in preserving lean tissue during calorie restriction diets and contributes to improved strength.

Oxandrolone's impact on athletic performance extends to exceptional conditioning effects. For women, the increased power, speed, and endurance translate to making daily tasks easier. Other notable benefits of Oxandrolone include:

Increases Lean Muscle Mass: All anabolic steroids impact lean body mass by activating androgen receptors, stimulating protein synthesis, and promoting muscle growth, lean body mass, and bone mineral density. A study at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California revealed that Oxandrolone increased lean body mass by 7 pounds and average maximum strength by 7.5%. Additionally, 3-4 pounds of body fat loss occurred, which was sustained even 12 weeks after discontinuing Oxandrolone.

Optimizes Body Composition: Oxandrolone not only aids in fat loss but also sustains body fat loss while increasing lean muscle mass. After 12 weeks of discontinuing Oxandrolone therapy, patients maintained an 83% retention rate in total body fat loss, along with improvements in insulin sensitivity. With high binding selectivity to the androgen receptor, Oxandrolone promotes lean muscle mass through protein synthesis and acts as a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist, inhibiting muscle catabolism.

In essence, Oxandrolone emerges as a powerful compound for optimizing body composition through specific mechanisms that make it a valuable asset in various health and fitness contexts.


Is Oxandrolone Legal?

Certainly, Oxandrolone is a lawful substance, subject to regulation due to its powerful performance-enhancing effects, categorizing it among substances banned by the FDA. Its restriction is not attributed to safety concerns but rather to its potential for substantial gains and heightened power and energy.

Despite this, Oxandrolone is legally prescribed by physicians in various countries, including the USA, UK, and Australia, where it has become an integral part of standard medical cycles for addressing various health conditions.

In certain countries where Oxandrolone is not available in local pharmacies, personal use of the substance remains legal. In such cases, users seeking the benefits of Oxandrolone can do so without worrying about legal consequences, as long as they acquire Oxandrolone from reputable overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Real Oxandrolone Price And Brands Comparison

Oxanabol - Alpha Pharma

Oxanabol is an anabolic drug crafted by the globally renowned company, Alpha Pharma. Initially designed to bolster the immune system in AIDS/HIV patients, Oxanabol gained widespread popularity in bodybuilding circles due to its high anabolic and relatively low androgenic index.

A pack of Oxanabol, featuring 50 tablets, each carrying 10mg of the compound, is attractively priced at around $100-115.

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Oxa-Max - Maxtreme

Maxtreme has successfully carved out its distinctive place in the market, cultivating a dedicated fanbase owing to its unwavering performance, consistent quality, and cost-effectiveness. Oxa-Max has garnered favor among users for its ability to facilitate lean muscle gains and effective fat-cutting, all without the apprehension of adverse side effects commonly associated with other steroids.

Priced affordably at approximately $90-100 for a pack of 100 pills, each dosed at 10mg, Oxa-Max is a reliable choice.

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Oxandro - Magnum Pharmaceuticals

Emerging as a prominent player in the Oxandrolone market, Oxandro by Magnum is gaining notable recognition for its effectiveness and premium quality. This top-tier Oxandrolone is swiftly amassing a devoted following among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike.

A packet of Oxandro, containing 50 tablets with each tablet carrying 10mg of the compound, is attractively priced at around $70-$80.

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Oxandrolone Dosage

The recommended cycle for Anavar typically spans 6 to 8 weeks to ensure optimal effectiveness without escalating the risk of potential health complications, particularly hepatoxicity. Prolonging the cycle beyond this timeframe can heighten the chances of encountering severe issues.

For men engaging in an Oxandrolone cycle, the commonly followed steroid strength falls within the range of 15 to 25 milligrams per day. It is crucial to adhere to this general guideline to maintain a balance between desired outcomes and potential risks.

Women, being less tolerant of steroids, are advised to follow a more conservative approach. The optimal strength for women is typically around four to six weeks, recognizing the need for caution. Any deviations from the recommended dosage or duration for the use of this synthetic hormone can lead to unwanted masculinization effects in women.

Masculinization extends beyond the physical realm, encompassing mental health aspects. Undesirable outcomes such as facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, and mental health disorders, including depression, can manifest if the dosage or duration is altered without due consideration. Therefore, adhering to prescribed guidelines is essential for a safe and effective Oxandrolone experience.

Oxandrolone Cycles in Bodybuilding

Cutting Cycles:

  • Solo Oxandrolone Cycle: Administered at 30-50mg daily for men and 10-15mg per day for women, lasting 6-8 weeks-an uncomplicated entry-level cycle targeting fat loss and lean muscle preservation.
  • Oxandrolone and Testosterone Cycle: Incorporating 300-500mg of  Testosterone Enanthate per week alongside Oxandrolone at 30-50mg daily for 8-12 weeks. Testosterone counteracts suppression and amplifies fat-burning effects.

Bulking Cycles:

  • Oxandrolone and Testosterone Cycle: 500-700mg of Testosterone per week combined with Oxandrolone at 30-50mg daily for a 12-week bulking cycle. Testosterone Cypionate fosters muscle gain, while Oxandrolone contributes to strength development.

  • Oxandrolone, Testosterone, and Deca Durabolin Cycle: A favored 12-week mass-building cycle integrating 500mg of Testosterone, 300mg of Deca Durabolin, and 30-50mg of Oxandrolone daily. This combination synergistically promotes substantial gains in size and strength during the bulking phase.

Oxandrolone Stacks for Enhanced Results?

Women generally avoid stacking Oxandrolone due to concerns about virilization, but men often incorporate Oxandrolone into their stacks with other steroids, yielding successful outcomes.

The choice of steroids to stack with Oxandrolone depends on the user's specific goals. For instance, individuals aiming for a cutting phase to maximize fat loss might consider stacking Oxandrolone with Winstrol  or Trenbolone. It's crucial to note that these options are potent and carry higher risks of side effects compared to Oxandrolone alone. Winstrol and Trenbolone  are preferred due to their dry nature, lack of aromatization, and their ability to enhance fat loss while promoting substantial muscle gains, particularly in the case of Trenbolone.

Alternatively, for users prioritizing minimal side effects while striving for significant muscle growth, a popular cycle involves an Oxandrolone and Testosterone cycle. Testosterone is recognized for its potent muscle-building capabilities and concurrent fat-burning properties. A Testosterone and Oxandrolone cycle holds the potential to add over 25 pounds of muscle while reducing body fat by 4%-5%.

Notably, both steroids are considered mild on the liver and heart, minimizing associated risks. However, it's important to acknowledge that testosterone function may experience temporary impairment post-cycle due to HPTA damage. To expedite the restoration of natural testosterone levels, a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is commonly employed by users. Neglecting PCT may result in a slower recovery of testosterone levels over weeks or months.

Do you need PCT after an Oxandrolone cycle?

The primary objective of a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is to kickstart the body's natural production of testosterone, a crucial step to preserve gains achieved during a cycle and ensure overall hormonal balance for optimal physiological and psychological health.

Oxandrolone, while causing a decline in natural testosterone levels, is unlikely to fully suppress testosterone production. A study revealed a 45% decrease in testosterone levels for men taking 20 mg per day for an extended 12-week cycle. Given that standard Oxandrolone cycles for men typically last 6-8 weeks, it can be inferred that natural testosterone production remains relatively high with moderate dosages and cycle lengths.

Individuals opting for Oxandrolone-only cycles may choose to forego PCT and allow their natural testosterone levels to recover over a period of 1-4 months. However, if Oxandrolone is stacked with other anabolic steroids, intensifying the suppressive effect, a PCT is recommended. For users unwilling to wait for several months, incorporating a PCT can expedite the recovery process.

An effective and aggressive PCT cycle includes:

  • hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin): 2000 IU for 20 days (administered every 2 days)
  • Tamoxifen (Nolvadex): 20 mg twice daily (continuous use for 45 days)
  • Clomiphene (Clomid): 50 mg twice daily (continuous use for 30 days)

For individuals stacking Oxandrolone with potent compounds, the above cycle is advisable. However, if someone pursues an Oxandrolone-only cycle, a single PCT drug from the mentioned cycle should suffice in swiftly restoring endogenous testosterone production.

For those opting for PCT, it should commence immediately after Oxandrolone has cleared the system. The calculation for the starting point is determined by the formula: 5.5 x half-life. With Oxandrolone having a half-life of 9.4-10.4 hours (possibly increasing with age), considering a half-life of 10.4 hours would suggest starting the PCT 57 hours after the last Oxandrolone dose.

Oxandrolone Potential Side Effects

Before taking an oxandrolone, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with post-cycle therapy (PCT) and dosage guidelines.

In rare instances, males may experience prolonged erections lasting for 4 hours. If such an occurrence happens, discontinue the medication and seek immediate medical assistance. For females, prompt notification to the doctor is necessary if symptoms like deepening of the voice, unusual facial or body hair growth, or an enlarged clitoris occur. The medication may lead to fluid retention, elevating the risk of heart failure.

While severe allergic reactions to the drug are uncommon, it's imperative to seek immediate help if symptoms such as rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or difficulty breathing manifest.

In terms of side effects, this steroid boasts a more favorable profile compared to others, yet it is not exempt from androgenic complications. These include issues like hair thinning, acne, and masculinization in women. Furthermore, it adversely affects cholesterol levels, leading to a substantial decrease in HDL and an increase in LDL. Individuals with pre-existing cholesterol-related concerns may experience exacerbated conditions.

How Long Does It Take to See Oxandrolone Results?

Exercising patience is crucial when anticipating Oxandrolone results, as the outcomes are often delayed and the timeframe can vary based on multiple factors. It's essential to understand that this compound is renowned for its subtle and less pronounced changes compared to other steroids, emphasizing a process of gradual and consistent progress over rapid transformations.

Typically, noticeable changes start to manifest within the initial weeks of a cycle. Around 2-3 weeks in, users may begin to experience increased strength and a more defined muscle appearance. However, it's important to note that this shouldn't be confused with a sudden surge in muscle mass.

Oxandrolone's real efficacy lies in promoting fat loss, preserving and developing lean muscle, and enhancing muscle hardness and density. Upon completing the cycle, allowing your body a significant rest period becomes essential for reflecting on the progress made. After 6-8 weeks for men and 10-12 weeks for women, substantial differences compared to the pre-cycle state are likely to be observed.

Oxandrolone Results

Oxandrolone can yield discernible enhancements in overall muscular quality, notable strength advancements, and reduction in body fat for both men and women.

Oxandrolone Results for Men

During a cutting cycle with Oxandrolone, men can anticipate remarkable fat loss, facilitated by the steroid's rapid action, typically utilized for a maximum of 8 weeks. The physique becomes more defined as Oxandrolone eliminates excess water, contributing to a lean appearance. Achieving a shredded physique during the cycle is relatively swift, but maintaining it afterward poses a challenge that requires strategic planning.

Oxandrolone Results for Women

Women aspiring for maximum leanness typically aim for a body fat percentage between 10%-15%, and Oxandrolone proves beneficial in this endeavor. Beyond fat loss, Oxandrolone is particularly effective for women, fostering sustainable and aesthetically pleasing lean gains with minimal or no side effects. While fat loss is still plausible for women, especially on a calorie-heavy diet, the combination of fat loss and lean gains can result in an overall increase in body weight, predominantly consisting of muscle. Even at lower doses of 10mg, a single Oxandrolone cycle for women can lead to enhanced muscular definition.

Strength Gains Results

While perusing before-and-after photos of individuals who have incorporated Oxandrolone into their regimen can be enjoyable, such images often fail to convey the strength gains experienced during the cycle.

Oxandrolone is renowned for its proficiency in enhancing strength. This steroid stimulates an increase in red blood cell production, facilitating improved oxygen delivery to the muscles. Consequently, users observe a noticeable surge in strength, coupled with heightened endurance and stamina. The potential ATP increase, directly contributing to enhanced strength and endurance, further adds to the overall outcome.

The consequence of these effects is an augmented ability to lift heavier weights and engage in workouts with higher intensity. Although the extent of the increase varies individually, users can anticipate lifting around 20% heavier weights or even more, as a percentage. However, it is crucial to adhere to common-sense rules and pay extra attention to adequate rest between sets, avoiding overexertion that may lead to injury.

Muscle Gains Results

In male usage, Oxandrolone is not classified as a bulking steroid. Despite its elevated anabolic rating, it does not manifest robust anabolic effects comparable to true bulking steroids, typically injectables. Achieving substantial muscle growth in men would necessitate employing Oxandrolone at much higher doses, a practice discouraged due to safety concerns associated with its oral administration and relatively higher cost compared to more effective bulking steroids.

While Oxandrolone contributes to modest lean gains in men, it is not a primary reason for male users to choose this steroid. Its chief utility lies in the ability to maintain muscle while undergoing fat loss. If a male seeks to accrue additional lean mass while using Oxandrolone, the recommended approach is to integrate another steroid into the cycle, even if it's solely testosterone at a higher dose. It is essential to note that water retention may occur with increased testosterone dosage.

For male users, Oxandrolone predominantly emphasizes making muscles more prominent by expelling subcutaneous fluid and burning fat.

On the other hand, female users can anticipate more conspicuous muscle gains with Oxandrolone. This doesn't entail a transformation into the Hulk, as most women would not desire such an outcome. Instead, increased muscle definition is a surety, and with muscle replacing fat weight, any body weight gain is inclined towards lean muscle.

Fat Loss Results

Oxandrolone actively engages in accelerating the body's fat-burning process, ensuring a faster rate of fat reduction, all while safeguarding lean muscle from being utilized as an energy source. Determining the precise amount of fat one can shed with Oxandrolone involves considering numerous factors, coupled with the inherent capabilities of the steroid:

  • Current weight
  • Metabolism and genetics
  • Dietary habits during the cycle (emphasizing the importance of both what is and isn't consumed)
  • The nature, intensity, and frequency of workouts
  • Oxandrolone dosage and whether it's stacked with other steroids

Estimating a straightforward loss of fat in pounds becomes a daunting task due to the multifaceted nature of these factors. The extent of fat loss varies based on individual circumstances. Individuals aiming to shed those last stubborn pounds while already maintaining a lean physique will experience a different outcome compared to those embarking on their initial cutting cycle.

For those with high body fat percentages or overweight individuals, it's advisable to endeavor to shed as much weight as possible before incorporating a steroid like Oxandrolone. It's crucial to understand that Oxandrolone is not a miraculous weight loss drug. Ideally, individuals should aim to have at least 15% body fat before introducing Oxandrolone into their regimen.

When striving to reach body fat percentages below 10%, Oxandrolone becomes a valuable ally. It facilitates the challenging task of cutting down each percentage point, especially when other methods seem to reach a plateau. Oxandrolone becomes instrumental in overcoming this hurdle.

Setting a goal for a specific percentage of body fat loss is entirely plausible. For instance, a simple Oxandrolone and testosterone cycle can lead to a 5% reduction in body fat. Extreme results like these are more applicable to individuals already at or below 10% body fat. In such cases, a goal of 3-4% body fat loss might be more realistic.

Male competitors during competitions often reach body fat percentages ranging from 3% to 5%, with some utilizing additional compounds alongside or instead of Oxandrolone. Achieving such results with Oxandrolone requires dedication and hard work.

Females, however, need to maintain a higher body fat percentage within the medically safe range, typically at least 10%. While extreme female physique and bodybuilding competitors may drop to 8% body fat, medical experts consider this territory to be perilous.

Oxandrolone excels in targeting stubborn fat areas, particularly for women, such as the thighs and buttocks. Although overall body weight may not exhibit significant changes due to muscle gain, fat loss is still occurring. With a proper diet, women can anticipate losing 5-10lbs of fat during an Oxandrolone cycle, unless they are already very lean.

How to Find a Trusted Supplier for Purchasing Oxandrolone Online

Once the decision to buy Oxandrolone is made, finding a reliable supplier becomes crucial. Consider these key factors when looking for Oxandrolone for sale:

Support and Consultations: Given the unique nature of Oxandrolone and steroids, explore independent research and consultations with sports medicine specialists or personal trainers. Some sellers provide free consultations to customize a cycle based on individual attributes and goals, accessible through site support or WhatsApp.

Guarantees: Trustworthy sellers prioritize resolving customer issues, aiming to build long-term loyalty. Look for sellers offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and secure payment methods to establish trust.

Delivery Methods: Opt for a seller providing a tracking code, enabling you to monitor your parcel's progress during delivery.

Delivery Times: Be cautious of sellers without items in stock. Some may accept prepayments and order from well-known online dealers, leading to extended delivery times, potentially up to six weeks or more.

Product Availability: Verify that the seller has Oxandrolone for sale products in stock. To avoid scams, request an unboxing video for a product of interest to confirm its availability.

Official Supplier Status: Ensure that the products come with an authentic code, verifiable on the brand's official website.

While the list may seem comprehensive, prioritizing these factors empowers you to assess the authenticity and trustworthiness of the dealer when purchasing Oxandrolone for sale online.

In case you are looking for a trustworthy Oxandrolone supplier - visit the link below and get all the benefits from risk-free purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to take Oxandrolone Pills?

The recommended Oxandrolone cycle spans from 6 to 8 weeks, with the timing and dosage intricately tied to the athlete's steroid experience. Commencing with minimal doses and gradually increasing the dosage is advisable. If side effects are absent during the cycle, an extension to 8 weeks may be considered. For Oxandrolone first-timers, a dosage of 20-30mg suffices, gradually escalating to 40-50mg. The maximum daily dosage ranges from 80 to 100mg, best divided into three doses to maintain a stable hormonal profile.

Does Oxandrolone facilitate body fat burning?

Oxandrolone actively contributes to fat burning and accelerates metabolism. It achieves this while supporting the preservation of existing muscle, preventing the body from entering a catabolic state. Consequently, although overall body weight may not experience a significant drop during Oxandrolone use, fat weight diminishes while being replaced by lean muscle.

Is Oxandrolone safe for females?

While all steroids carry health risks, Oxandrolone is widely regarded as the safest and least harmful among anabolic steroids for female use. It stands out as a steroid that females can potentially use without developing side effects, though the outcome depends on the dosage and individual reactions to the compound. If signs of virilization manifest, females can consider reducing the dose or discontinuing Oxandrolone use, typically leading to the subsiding of symptoms.

Can I gain muscle with Oxandrolone?

For men, significant muscle gains with Oxandrolone are unlikely, as it is not an efficient steroid for that purpose. On the other hand, female users can achieve excellent lean gains with Oxandrolone without the concern of developing an overly masculine physique. Oxandrolone enhances muscle definition for both sexes by eliminating water retention and fostering the development of a shredded, ripped physique.

How much fat can I lose with Oxandrolone?

The extent of fat loss with Oxandrolone depends on various factors, including current weight, diet, training regimen, and the desired level of extremity. Men, following a high-quality cutting diet while using Oxandrolone, can achieve body fat levels below 10%.

Does Oxandrolone cause water retention?

Oxandrolone does not aromatize into estrogen on its own, and therefore, it does not induce the body to retain excess water. Instances where water retention is attributed to Oxandrolone use may be due to either the use of a counterfeit product that is not pure Oxandrolone or its combination with another steroid that aromatizes, with the latter being responsible for bloating. In isolation, Oxandrolone cannot cause fluid retention.


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