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5 Best SARMs For Bulking & Cutting In 2024

SARMs are capable of causing rapid muscle growth, improving bone density, increasing strength, shredding off body fat, and much more.

5 Best SARMs For Bulking & Cutting In 2024

Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs for short, are a new class of compounds being heralded as "legal and safe anabolic steroids," and are helping people across the world get jacked.

SARMs are capable of causing rapid muscle growth, improving bone density, increasing strength, shredding off body fat, and much more. In fact, many people look completely different afterwards.

In today's article, we will cover the following:

•    Best SARMs for Cutting
•    Best SARMs for Bulking
•    Where to Buy SARMs
•    Best SARMs Stacks
•    ...and more

So, if you're interested in using SARMs to gain muscle mass, enhance muscle growth, and accelerate fat loss, then read this guide from start to finish to find a SARM that suits your specific goals and needs!

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How We Chose the Best SARMs

There's many different SARMs out there, so first - how did we compile this list? First off, we looked at selective androgen receptor modulators that have been clinically studied and proven to work very well.

There's no point in taking something if it's going to give you as many side effects as anabolic steroids, and completely ruin your body with side effects. We specifically chose SAFE SARMs for this list.

Here were our criteria for determining the best SARMs:

•    Clinical Evidence - If there's no clinical evidence to suggest that a SARM can improve muscle gain, muscle strength, enhance athletic performance, or improve fat loss, it's not on this list. We only chose SARMs that have clinical evidence to back up their claims.

•    Safety & Side Effects - There are some SARMs for bulking that are known for being extremely effective, like for example YK11 Myostine. That being said, YK11 has had no human trials done, and may not be entirely safe. Anything that has not been proven to be safe, we left off this list.

•    Highest Effectiveness - There's lots of SARMs out there that work, and will help you build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat, but the question is how well do they work. We wanted the absolute best of the best, so only picked SARMs that are safe, STRONG, and effective!

Now, with that in mind, let's crack into this list of the best SARMs for bulking and cutting in 2024.

1. RAD 140 (Testolone) - Best Overall

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RAD 140, otherwise known as Testolone, is one of the strongest SARMs out there not only for packing on lean muscle mass and accelerating muscle growth, but also for rapidly shredding off body fat.

Testolone (RAD 140) is perhaps one of the most diverse and versatile SARMs there is, because it can be used very effectively on a bulking cycle, cutting cycle, or recomposition cycle. It is very well rounded.

RAD 140 Benefits

This SARM has a massive number of benefits, ranging from enhanced athletic performance to improved muscle development, and even the growth of new muscle cells. It is by far the best SARM out there.

•    Gain Lean Muscle Mass
•    Accelerate Muscle Growth
•    Improve Protein Synthesis
•    Enhanced Fat Loss
•    Upgraded Muscular Endurance
•    Faster Muscle Recovery

In fact, there's even evidence to suggest that RAD 140 is so safe it could be used as a treatment for cancer patients suffering from muscle wasting. RAD 140 is basically legal and safe anabolic steroids.

RAD 140 Dosage

Overall, there is no FDA approved dosage for RAD 140 (Testolone), but there are many bodybuilders online and on various forums who have come to conclusions based on decades of experimentation.

•    Beginner Dosage: 5mg/day
•    Intermediate Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Advanced Dosage: 20mg/day

Anything more than this hasn't been clinically studied, and to be completely honest, just a beginner dosage is all you need to increase muscle mass, improve bone density, and get very jacked and lean.

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2. Ostarine (MK 2866) - Best for Beginners

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Ostarine, otherwise known as MK 2866 or Enobosarm, is the grandfather of all SARMs and is one of the most well researched selective androgen receptor modulators on the planet right now.

MK 2866 is the first SARM that will most likely be fully medicalized, meaning it will eventually be prescribed as a sort of "legal steroid" doctors can give to patients who are withering away.

Ostarine (MK-2866) is the best SARM for beginners, because not only will it improve lean muscle growth and weight loss, but it's extremely well studied and has shown to be one of the safest SARMs out there.

Ostarine Benefits

Ostarine has lots of benefits, ranging from enhancing both muscle and bone tissue, helping users pack on lots of muscle mass, accelerating protein synthesis, and helping users shred off fat safely.

•    One of the Safest SARMs
•    Good for Bulking or Cutting
•    Grow Lean Muscle Tissue
•    Reduce Overall Body Fat
•    Very Few Side Effects (If Any)

Overall, Ostarine MK 2866 is a phenomenal choice for building lean body mass, accelerating muscle growth, and burning fat. It can be used to either bulk or cut, or for a recomposition cycle as well.

Ostarine Dosage

Ostarine MK 2866 is a very safe SARM, and is versatile enough to use on a bulking cycle, cutting cycle, or recomposition cycle. Every dosage will help with building muscle mass and help you lose weight.

•    Beginner Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Intermediate Dosage: 15mg/day
•    Advanced Dosage: 25mg/day

Ostarine is definitely one of the safest SARMs out there, and unlike anabolic steroids it has very minimal side effects. Usually mild stomach pain is the only one most people have to worry about.

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3. Ligandrol (LGD 4033) - Best for Bulking

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If there's one SARM that absolutely excels at building muscle mass, enhancing muscle gains, and just overall helping users pack on tons of muscle mass in general, it's Ligandrol LGD 4033.

In short, Ligandrol LGD-4033 is the #1 bulking SARM. It will do very little to help with fat burning, but when it comes to muscle growth and accelerating protein synthesis, it rivals anabolic steroids.

While it does have some mild testosterone suppression, it's nothing that a good post cycle therapy can't fix, so if you do decide to hop on a cycle of Ligandrol to build lean muscle, be sure to do a SARMs PCT.

Ligandrol Benefits

If your main goal is to pack on some muscle and bulk up, Ligandrol is your best choice. It excels at bulking and helping users increase strength. It's also been clinically shown to be very well tolerated.

•    Rapid Muscle Growth
•    Strengthen Bone Tissue
•    Lean Muscle Gains
•    Huge Muscle Mass Gains
•    Stimulate Protein Synthesis

Overall, Ligandrol LGD 4033 is one of the most potent SARMs for muscle building, preventing muscle loss, and just overall muscle gain. It is almost exclusively used on a bulking stack or cycle.

Ligandrol Dosage

The ideal Ligandrol dosage will depend on how much you want to increase muscle mass and increase bone density, with higher dosages obviously being stronger. Lower doses are still effective, though.

•    Beginner Dosage: 5mg/day
•    Intermediate Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Advanced Dosage: 20mg/day

LGD 4033 absolutely excels at increasing muscle mass, and will do a tiny bit for shredding off excess body fat, but most people take it when their primary goal is to simply accelerate muscle building.

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4. Cardarine (GW-501516) - Best for Cutting

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Cardarine, otherwise known as GW-501516, is one of the best SARMs out there for fat loss, preventing muscle wasting while on a cut, and just general fat burning and getting shredded overall.

Technically Cardarine is not a selective androgen receptor modulator, but rather a PPAR Delta receptor agonist. While it technically doesn't bind to androgen receptors, it's sometimes referred to as a SARM.

Cardarine works by affecting receptors associated with metabolism in the body, encouraging ketosis to help with fat burning. It also doesn't lower natural testosterone production, meaning no PCT is needed.

Cardarine Benefits

•    Build Lean Muscle
•    Rapid Fat Loss
•    Massive Fat Burning
•    Get Shredded
•    Fight Muscle Wasting

Overall, Cardarine is one of the best SARMs for cutting. While it isn't amazing in terms of sheer muscle building capabilities, it won't lower your testosterone production like other SARMs, so there's no post cycle therapy that's required. If your primary goal is fat loss, Cardarine is 100% for you.

Cardarine Dosage

At higher dosages, you will get more fat loss and lean mass gains with Cardarine, but as we stated, it's mainly for fat loss, not necessarily for muscle development or to build slabs upon slabs of muscle.

•    Beginner Dosage: 5mg/day
•    Intermediate Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Advanced Dosage: 20mg/day

Cardarine is not technically a selective androgen receptor modulator and therefore does not require a post cycle therapy, because it leads to no testosterone suppression.

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5. Ibutamoren (MK 677) - Best for Healing

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MK 677, also known as Ibutamoren, is another compound that isn't technically a selective androgen receptor modulator, but is often lumped in with them, so we are including it in our list of the best SARMs.

Technically, MK 677 Ibutamoren is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means it acts on the brain to increase human growth hormone production in the body. Human growth hormone, or HGH for short, has been shown to have a massive number of benefits throughout the body.

Growth hormones (which MK 677 increases) will cause things to grow, making MK 677 an excellent compound for bulking and to accelerate the muscle regeneration process as well.

It also requires no post cycle therapy PCT, because unlike anabolic steroids and SARMs, MK 677 is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means it doesn't cause any testosterone suppression.

MK 677 Benefits

Ibutamoren MK 677 is phenomenal for bulking, lean muscle growth, growing new muscle tissue, healing ligaments, healing tendons, and just overall bulking and healing. It is an amazing bulking compound.

•    Accelerated Muscle Growth
•    Not Post Cycle Therapy Needed
•    Rapid Healing of Tendons & Ligaments
•    Great for Healing Injuries
•    Increases Insulin Like Growth Factor
•    Great for Bulking SARMs Stacks
•    Combines Well With Other SARMs

MK 677 is a great compound overall for any SARMs stack, because it doesn't bind to androgen receptors in the body, meaning that you can have multiple compounds hitting different receptors for the maximum effect if you use it in a SARMs stack (which we will get to in a moment).

MK 677 Dosage

Ibutamoren MK 677 is phenomenal for bulking, lean muscle growth, growing new muscle tissue, healing ligaments, healing tendons, and just overall bulking and healing. It is an amazing bulking compound.

•    Beginner Dosage: 25mg/day
•    Intermediate Dosage: 50mg/day
•    Advanced Dosage: 75mg/day

What can you expect from an MK 677 cycle? You can expect to put on lots of lean muscle mass, and maybe a little bit of fat loss. You will get higher quality REM sleep, and notice injuries heal very fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best SARMs Stack for Rapid Muscle Growth?

If your main goal is purely muscle growth, the best SARMs like Ligandrol LGD 4033 that have strong selectivity to skeletal muscle tissue androgen receptors should be prioritized over most other SARMs.

The top SARMs stack for bulking is:

•    MK 677 Dosage: 25mg/day
•    Ligandrol Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Cycle Length: 60-90 Days
•    PCT Required? Yes

For this bulking stack, you should absolutely do a post cycle therapy PCT. Ligandrol tends to be fairly suppressive, so you should absolutely do a PCT to get your testosterone levels back on track.

With this stack, be wary of a few minor side effects like blood pressure increasing, mild acne, and a slight increase in insulin resistance (which can be good if you're trying to bulk actually).

Best SARMs Stack for Weight Loss

If your primary goal is weight loss, then using SARMs like Ostarine MK 2866 with a PPAR Delta receptor agonist like Cardarine would be your best bet. You could also use other SARMs, but I prefer this one.

The top SARMs stack for cutting is:

•    Ostarine Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Cardarine Dosage: 10mg/day
•    Cycle Length: 60-90 Days
•    PCT Required? Yes

While Ostarine binds to your androgen receptors, encouraging and facilitating quick gains, the Cardarine will bind to your PPAR Delta receptor agonists, encouraging fat shredding.

Best SARM for Lean Muscle Mass?

Overall, the best SARM for this is going to be YK11 Myostine. That being said, we did not put this SARM on the list, because it is still highly experimental and not very well studied overall.

That being said, what makes YK11 so strong is that not only does it build muscle mass by acting like a SARM, but it's also what's known as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin limits muscle growth in the body, so it's sort of like a natural "cap" that your body sets for itself based on many factors.

In fact, it's speculated that some famous bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman actually have a gene that makes their myostatin levels low in the body, and that's why they get so jacked so easily.

Regardless, YK11 is absolutely one of the strongest SARMs on the planet, but we didn't include it on this list, because the side effects are not very well studied, and we don't know how safe it is.

That being said, it could be beneficial to treat muscle wasting diseases and help with weight loss.

Do SARMs Have Side Effects?

Anything that is going to help your body rapidly pack on lean slabs of muscle is going to have a potential for side effects. Anything that is anabolic in nature will have potential adverse effects.

That being said however, most SARMs are known for being very gentle on the body. In fact, numerous clinical studies and trials have confirmed that many SARMs such as Ostarine are extremely safe.

The safest SARMs are:

•    Ostarine (MK-2866)
•    RAD 140 (Testolone)
•    Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
•    Ibutamoren (MK-677)

That isn't to say that there aren't other SARMs that aren't safe, however these SARMs are known for being the safest, due to their high safety profile and low side effects demonstrated by clinical studies.

When to Take SARMs?

Each SARM is going to have a different half life, but generally speaking most SARMs have way shorter half lives than steroids like testosterone enanthate, for example, which has a half life of 4.5 days.

Compared to something like Ostarine, which has a half life of 12-16 hours, this is a very big difference which means that at least once a day dosages are required with SARMs to maintain a consistent level of the compound in your blood stream throughout the day.

For the most part, it is recommended that you take your SARMs dosage first thing in the morning, and do it every day at the same time for the duration of your cycle. If you're taking a SARM like Andarine, which has a very short half life, you can consider taking it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How to Get The Most From SARMs?

Similar to any other anabolic compound, if you want to get the most out of your cycle, you should aim to follow the basic guidelines and principles of fitness. Things that every bodybuilder knows down pat.

Pay attention to these on your SARMs cycle:

•    Workout Routine - Ideally, try to do a workout routine that hits each muscle group at least once or twice per week, splits usually work best in my opinion (and in the opinion of most bodybuilders).
•    Diet and Nutrition - This is the major key here. If you want to get as jacked as humanly possible, shred a ton of fat and pack on tons of muscle, it is absolutely critical you have a great diet.
•    Supplementation - SARMs are known for having some side effects, so it would be worth your time to take some natural herbal supplements that lower cholesterol and minimize these.
•    Hydration - Be sure to stay hydrated while on a cycle of SARMs. The more water that you consume, the more water your body has to hydrate your muscles, which leads to better performance overall, more strength, and fuller looking muscles, as well.
•    Proper Recovery - Be sure to stretch for at least 10-15 minutes a day, to help encourage the lactic acid in your muscles to be released. It's also paramount that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day (although ideally 9 hours a day) to ensure your body can fully recover and heal.

The devil is in the details, and you will get 10x better results by following these principles, than somebody who takes 1/3 your SARMs dosage and has a bad diet and terrible workout routine.

If you combine a cycle of SARMs with those different tips, you'll look like Clark Kent in no time.

Where to Buy SARMs?

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