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4 Best NMN Supplements Decoded! Choose The Right NMN Supplement For You!

In this post, we'll provide you with all the details on the four best NMN supplements on the market and explain how they might enhance your quality of life.

4 Best NMN Supplements Decoded! Choose The Right NMN Supplement For You!

Nicotinamide mononucleotide, also known as NMN, is a natural substance causing a lot of excitement in the health and wellness industry. Many experts in anti-aging and longevity have praised the potential advantages of using NMN supplements. Because of this, we are here to rank and evaluate the best NMN supplements available in 2023.

NMN is a precursor to NAD+, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a vital life-giving chemical. In other words, the body transforms NMN to NAD+, a coenzyme present in all living cells, through intricate chemical processes. On a cellular level, NAD+ is essential for many biological activities and general health.

Most of our NMN stores are created by the human body, although smaller and often insignificant amounts can be obtained through diet in foods like broccoli, cabbage, or edamame.

However, NMN synthesis in our bodies becomes less effective as we age. It will eventually cause NAD+ levels to drop precipitously, potentially disastrously affecting cellular breakdown. According to research on human skin cells, NAD+ levels typically drop by 50% or more by the time most people reach middle age.

According to the authors, NAD+ depletion may significantly contribute to aging by reducing energy synthesis, DNA repair, and genomic signaling. Since then, more experts have concluded that NAD+ may be essential for anti-aging technology. NMN supplements may be a practical means of boosting NAD+ levels.

You might now be wondering why you shouldn't just consume NAD+ directly. The issue is that the human body cannot absorb NAD+ since it is such a large molecule. It will go through the digestive process and be thrown out. The solution to this persistent and perplexing issue, in the opinion of many scientists, lies in NMN supplementation.

Benefits of NMN

There are several reasons why people use NMN. Some people wish to feel and appear younger in general. Others desire to increase metabolism, shed pounds, or enhance their heart health, among other things.

The following are some advantages of NMN, as reported by NMN supplement companies and academic research:

●    Boost daily energy
●    Support heart health
●    Improve sleep
●    Promote DNA repair
●    Increase metabolism
●    Power up mitochondria
●    Feel younger, stronger, and more alert
●    Potentially extend lifespan
●    Support stronger joints
●    Enhance muscle strength
●    Support healthy blood pressure
●    Enjoy lightning-fast memory recall
●    Boost sex drive
●    Alleviate joint pain and support mobility
●    Strengthen the immune system
●    Boost mood

There are numerous impacts connected to the well-known vitamin, whether you're interested in NMN's cognitive, physical, or mood-enhancing properties.

In this post, we'll provide you with all the details on the four best NMN supplements on the market and explain how they might enhance your quality of life.

Four best NMN supplements

1. Wonderfeel

2. Elysium

3. Lifeforce

4. Elevant

Comparison & Overview of the Best NMN Supplements

Best NMN Supplements


NMN Dose

Subscription Price

Price per 1g NMN

Wonderfeel® Youngr™ NMN





Elysium Signal





LifeForce Peak NMN





Elevant Prime





1. Wonderfeel

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What is Wonderfeel?

Wonderfeel Youngr NMN is a supplement with 900mg NMN and four extra ingredients to increase longevity. We want to help you assess the potency of NMN supplements. So, we came up with this paper using evaluations of Wonderfeel NMN, data from their website, and a comparison of the state of science with the formulation of the product.

Your daily NMN intake from Youngr NMN is based on science and is safe. Their innovative recipe and raised NAD+ levels foster greater vitality, better skin elasticity, and sharper cognitive function.

How does Wonderfeel work?

With WonderFeel Youngr NMN, accurate dose and quick absorption are guaranteed. After being swallowed, the capsules instantly dissolve in the stomach, allowing the NMN molecule to start its transformational trip. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme essential for cellular health and vitality, is a precursor of NMN once it enters the body.

NAD+ levels can efficiently increase thanks to WonderFeel Youngr NMN. The cells experience a cascade of therapeutic mechanisms due to this rise. A younger you results from cells getting the energy boost required for optimal performance, DNA repair speeding up, and optimized metabolic processes.

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Ingredients of Wonderfeel

●    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) - 900 mg
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), the main ingredient of WonderFeel Youngr NMN, is a key substance essential to the anti-aging process. 
●    Trans-Resveratrol
The antioxidant effects of trans-resveratrol, a naturally occurring polyphenol found in plants like grapes, are well known. 
●    Vitamin D
A vital mineral, vitamin D, supports healthy bones, immune system function, and hormone balance. 
●    Ergothioneine
An antioxidant amino acid called ergothioneine in nature protects against oxidative stress and promotes cellular health. 
●    Olive Fruit Extract
Strong polyphenols in olive fruit extract, notably hydroxytyrosol, and oleuropein, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. 

Benefits of Wonderfeel

●    Youthful Energy and Vitality: WonderFeel Youngr NMN raises NAD+ levels, which improves cellular energy generation and promotes greater physical and mental vitality.
●    Cognitive Enhancement: The supplement's ingredients, such as NMN and Trans-reveratrol, support cognitive function and mental clarity.
●    Cellular Repair and Longevity: It stimulates cellular repair mechanisms, potentially prolonging cell lifespan and general longevity, thanks to its powerful antioxidants, including ergothioneine and olive fruit extract.
●    Radiant Skin Health: Trans-resveratrol and Vitamin D improve the skin's natural radiance and reduce oxidative stress, leading to healthier skin.
●    Enhanced Metabolism: WonderFeel Youngr NMN can help you lose weight by promoting mitochondrial function and metabolism control.
●    Stronger immunological System: Antioxidants and vitamin D boost immunological response, assisting the body in fending off infections and preserving general health.
●    Cardiovascular Support: By fostering healthy blood vessels and controlling cholesterol levels, the antioxidants and trans-reveratrol in the blend support cardiovascular health.
●    Inflammation Control: The supplement's ingredients work in concert to reduce chronic inflammation, a major factor in aging and several health problems.
●    Enhanced Mood and Well-Being: WonderFeel Youngr NMN can help enhance mood and emotional well-being by supporting cellular health and balanced hormone levels.
●    Improving Quality of Life: Overall, this cutting-edge formula helps enhance the quality of life by treating many aging-related issues and providing a holistic approach to well-being and vitality.

Pricing and Dosage of Wonderfeel

Each bottle of WonderFeel Youngr NMN contains 60 capsules and is offered in a convenient monthly supply to help you on your path to revitalized youth. The standard price for one bottle stands at $88. However, for those who choose to subscribe, there's an exclusive price of just $73, ensuring consistent savings and seamless access to wellness.

Setting a high standard in the industry, Wonderfeel offers a potent 900 mg dose of NMN, split across two capsules. This dosage is informed by the findings of the largest clinical trial, ensuring its efficacy and safety for consumers.

The brand provides a 30-day refund policy on unopened merchandise as part of its dedication to customer satisfaction. Within 30 days of receiving your item, you can contact customer service if you're unhappy with your purchase. Please note that this policy only permits returns for products that have been used or opened. The company values your confidence and works hard to ensure you're happy with our items.

2. Elysium

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What is Elysium?

An NAD+ supplement called Elysium's Signal has been clinically proven to support cellular stability and prevent aging. Basis is an NR-E formula that is now pending patent protection. Nicotinamide riboside, abbreviated as NR, is a "raw material" that, when consumed, transforms into NAD+ in the body.

Studies using Basis supplements prove that NR is well tolerated in the human body and can activate the production of the longevity gene. Pterostilbene, a polyphenol with strong antioxidant characteristics, increases the NR benefits for a longer life expectancy.

How does Elysium work?

The NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) supplement from Elysium Health advances anti-aging research by focusing on cellular regeneration. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a critical coenzyme essential for cellular repair and energy generation, is a precursor of NMN. NAD+ levels naturally decrease with age, which causes cellular malfunction and age-related health problems.

The NMN supplement from Elysium restores NAD+ levels. Cells take up NMN after ingestion and transform it into NAD+. A family of proteins called sirtuins, activated by increased NAD+ levels, control various cellular processes, including DNA repair and mitochondrial health. This increased cellular activity can support DNA integrity, improve energy generation, and increase cellular vitality. It can also counteract aging at the cellular level.

Ingredients of Elysium

The carefully chosen combination of components in the Elysium NMN supplement is intended to boost cellular health and lifespan. Its main component is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), an essential coenzyme in synthesizing cellular energy. NMN supports NAD+ levels, which decrease with aging and are linked to several health advantages.

Other essential components in Elysium include resveratrol, a strong antioxidant found in red wine that may help protect the heart and reduce oxidative stress. They also contain pterostilbene, a substance related to resveratrol with possible advantages for the brain and metabolism. These components work together to create Elysium NMN, a holistic supplement to improve cellular performance and advance general health.

Benefits of Elysium

●    Increased amounts of NAD+. NR is a powerful precursor that the cell must go through two processes to convert into NAD+. A month after supplementation, first-in-human research with Basis NR-E showed a 40% increase in NAD+.
●    Gene with sirtuins activated. To activate sirtuins, NR-E and PT collaborate well. Increased NAD+ concentrations and sirtuin activation safeguard cellular homeostasis.
●    Prevention of cellular senescence. Basis NAD+ supplements' unique mix lowers oxidative stress and inflammation in cells, preventing the buildup of "zombie cells."
●    Decreased weight. Studies have shown that the trial male rats' weight decreased after receiving Basis NR for three months.

Pricing and Dosage of Elysium

It is advised by Elysium to take 1-2 capsules in the morning, with or without breakfast. Two capsules contain 250 mg NR and 50 mg pterostilbene.

For NR supplements, the daily dose is between 250 and 300 mg, and 250 mg for pterostilbene.

NR, which may be taken with or without food, is an option. The bioavailability of pterostilbene, however, is reduced when taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, taking PT with meals high in healthy fats is advised.

Pregnant or nursing women, those under 18, and those who take supplements should speak to their doctor beforehand to prevent negative effects.

The Basis NR supplements from Elysium cost $60. For a 30-day serving, a bottle of capsules comes with 60. Elysium provides substantial savings with monthly and yearly memberships to encourage long-term supplementation and is more affordable.

Only 250mg of NMN is present in each serving of the Elysium Signal supplement, much lesser than most other NMN supplements on the market including Wonderfeel. Its significantly higher cost of $40 for 30 servings, which results in an outrageous price of $5.33 for 1mg of NMN, makes it even less alluring.

3. Lifeforce

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What is Lifeforce?

The Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) supplement by Lifeforce results from careful study and development to maximize cellular health and energy production. Life Force is aware that contemporary lifestyles frequently result in oxidative stress, decreased metabolism, and a general reduction in energy. The business set out to develop a solution to address these issues at the cellular level.

This pill has already had an amazing effect, giving many people new life. Users have reported feeling more energized, better cognitive function, and better overall. Peak NMN's scientifically validated formulation guarantees that its advantages are real enhancements supported by solid research rather than only anecdotal claims.

How does Lifeforce work?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a chemical essential for cellular energy metabolism, is largely produced by NMN. NAD+ levels decrease with aging, impairing cellular processes, reducing energy production, and raising the risk of age-related illnesses. By refilling NAD+ levels, NMN supplementation counteracts this reduction, successfully reviving cellular functions.

The power of NMN comes from its support of mitochondrial activity. The powerhouse of cells, mitochondria produce the energy required for all body processes. NMN encourages the production of new mitochondria, and the effectiveness of already existing mitochondria is improved. This results in greater energy generation, enhanced mental performance, and increased physical endurance.

Ingredients of Lifeforce

●    Energising Cellular Metabolism with Berberine HCL
Peak NMN's essential ingredient, berberine HCL, provides a dynamic pathway to improve cellular metabolism. 
●    Cellular rejuvenation using NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)
The addition of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), a crucial precursor in synthesizing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), reveals the fundamental nature of Peak NMN. 
●    Blood Sugar Balanced by White Mulberry Extract
Peak NMN combines White Mulberry extract, a botanical wonder famous for its potential to enhance general well-being, elevating the energy spectrum even more. 
●    Lithium Orotate: Enhanced Mental Stability
Peak NMN features the addition of Lithium Orotate, a fascinating ingredient with cognitive resonance, nurturing the body and intellect. 
●    Cellular Autophagy and Spermidine
Spermidine, a biological miracle well-known for its impact on cellular autophagy, deepens Peak NMN's rejuvenating potential. 

Benefits of Lifeforce

●    Aid in preserving healthy DNA and epigenetic activity
Peak NMN significantly impacts DNA and epigenetic function, which is the foundation of its health advantages. NMN facilitates DNA repair mechanisms and impacts the epigenetic processes that control gene expression by replenishing NAD+ levels. 
●    Enhances Inflammation Response in Your Body
The effects of NMN also extend to inflammation, a biological response that, when out of balance, can cause several health problems. NMN aids in restoring the body's natural inflammatory response by reviving cellular processes and assisting mitochondrial activity. 
●    Controls Daily Physical Stress
There are many physical and emotional pressures in modern life. Peak NMN aids in synthesizing cellular energy and boosts resistance, acting as a barrier against various stressors. 
●    Elevates Longevity and Cognitive Clarity
The foundation of a fulfilling existence is cognition. Peak NMN supports the integrity of the mitochondria, cellular repair processes, and neurotransmitter balance to improve cognitive function. 
●    Promotes Heart Health
The health of the cardiovascular system is vital for general well-being. Peak NMN addresses this by preserving ideal blood pressure levels, encouraging healthy blood vessel activity, and decreasing inflammation. 
●    Improvement of Metabolic Harmony
Controlling blood sugar levels is crucial for well-being. Peak NMN controls glucose metabolism, improves insulin sensitivity, and promotes sustained energy release by combining White Mulberry extract and Berberine HCL. 
●    Cellular Autophagy is Activated for Renewal
Spermidine, a special ingredient in Peak NMN, is well known for helping to facilitate cellular autophagy, making removing damaged parts easier. Spermidine boosts cellular effectiveness, strengthens the immune system, and prolongs the life of healthy cells by promoting cellular renewal.

Pricing and Dosage of Lifeforce

Peak NMN comes in bottles containing 90 capsules and costs $90 each. With the help of this expertly crafted vitamin, you may revitalize your life, support cellular health, and advance general well-being. Life Force has a 90-day return policy as part of its dedication to client satisfaction.

As a result, you may enjoy Peak NMN's advantages with assurance, knowing that your money is protected. Life Force is committed to supporting your quest for increased vitality by offering a refund if you're unhappy within 90 days of your purchase.

Unfortunately, the LifeForce Peak NMN supplement only offers 375mg of NMN per serving, much less than the industry norm. Also, the $70 price tag for 30 servings works out to a whopping $6.22 per 1mg of NMN. Given the significantly reduced NMN dosage and outrageous price point, this product could offer better value for money.

4. Elevant

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What is Elevant?

Elevant Prime Capsules are a ray of hope for vitality and healthy aging. Elevant Prime, as its name suggests, is a tribute to recovering one's prime years at any age. These pills are the epitome of technological ingenuity and professional formulation, created to give people back control of their lives. It's a reaction to the common desire to alter the course of aging, reawaken the fires of vigor, and take pleasure in the glow of well-being.

People worldwide are looking for answers that support their desire to live life on their terms, free from the limitations imposed by age-related issues. Elevant Prime capsules have sparked interest for their comprehensive approach to health and well-being, which considers the complexity of cellular vitality, immunological support, and metabolic health.

How does Elevant work?

Elevant Prime Capsules containing the essence of NMN-C, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, a crucial component of the cellular repair process, are the pinnacle of scientific advancement. A precursor of NMN-C is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme important for numerous biological activities. The capsules' well-thought-out formulation ensures that each serving contains 125 mg of NMN-C, a robust amount that will jump-start the cellular repair process.

Elevant Prime Capsules' tremendous impact on cellular activity is at its core. These capsules increase NAD+ levels, providing cells the energy they need to function at their peak. A renewed sensation of vitality and energy is the end consequence, creating an internal setting that supports general wellness. Elevant Prime is a crucial contribution to the quest for healthy aging since it promotes improved cellular repair and function, which results in a more youthful outlook.

Ingredients of Elevant

Research has demonstrated that NMN can cross cellular barriers to raise NAD+ levels, reactivate mitochondrial activity, and improve cellular bioenergetics. It, in turn, has practical advantages like enhanced DNA repair systems, more effective energy generation, and increased cellular toughness.

Elegant Prime's unique NMN-C® formulation is dedicated to cutting-edge research and empirical science. Elevant Prime capsules invite access to a realm of cellular renewal and rejuvenation by embracing the possibilities of NMN. Including this revolutionary substance in the supplement demonstrates a desire to allow consumers to age gracefully and thrive, thanks to the harmony between science and nature.

Benefits of Elevant

●    Elegant Prime's ability to revitalize the body at the cellular level is the basis of its advantages, which include improved overall health and energy. The capsules feed the mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses in charge of energy production, by raising NAD+ levels. This increase in cellular energy results in increased physical and mental vigor, enabling people to partake in daily activities with an unmatched vitality.
●    Elevant Prime pills go beyond simple dietary supplements; they catalyze cellular repair and lifespan. Increased NAD+ levels trigger sirtuins, proteins linked to long life that start cellular repair procedures. This activation promotes oxidative stress reduction, DNA maintenance, and the body's capacity for healing and regeneration.
●    Everyone wants to age gracefully, and Elevant Prime capsules help you achieve this goal. The capsules counteract the effects of aging on several levels by strengthening cellular activity. These tablets help people confidently enter their elderly years by improving cognitive function and retaining youthful skin.
●    Elevant Prime pills include the NMN-C® compound, which enhances vitality and strength. People have better muscle function, greater physical performance, and increased endurance when NAD+ is the driving factor. This renewed vigor inspires people to overcome obstacles and succeed in their endeavors.
●    Elevant Prime capsules strengthen the body's natural defense system, essential for overall health. The capsules allow the body to defend itself against potential dangers by enhancing immune cell function and lowering oxidative stress. With their immunity boosted, people can better live healthier lives and deal with the changing seasons.
●    Elevant Prime capsules go beyond the limitations of standard dietary supplements to provide a complete boost to one's lifestyle. An improved quality of life results from the significant effects on energy levels, mental clarity, and physical health. People have greater satisfaction and fulfillment when they pursue their passions or participate in daily activities.

Pricing and Dosage of Elevant

Elevant Prime capsules provide exceptional value for their affordable $59 a bottle of 60 pills. This big supply offers rejuvenating benefits for a full month. A 30-day refund policy is also offered with the goods, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

If unsatisfied, you can benefit from the hassle-free refund policy within 30 days of purchase. This brand's dedication to your well-being and confidence in Elevant Prime capsules may be shown in its customer-centered strategy.

Elevant Prime falls short of providing the power many look for in an NMN supplement with its 125mg NMN dosage per serving. The $50.15 for 60 servings is a pricey $6.69 for 1mg of NMN, which is far from a cost-effective choice. This product might offer a different value than customers are looking for, given the lower NMN dosage and the comparably higher price point.


1) How can NMN be delivered most efficiently?

Most prestigious scientific institutions today give NMN to patients as oral capsules. Various scientific investigations have demonstrated the efficacy of this technique by demonstrating elevated NAD levels in people.

2) Are liposomal or sublingual NMN delivery methods problematic or potentially dangerous?

Yes. Professor of medicine at Harvard University and medication creator Dr. Andrew Salzman lists various issues with liposomal formulations. These include irregularities in the preparation process, instability that causes quick degradation, and irregularities in absorption. No thorough stability studies are available for the liposomal NMN products now on the market. This absence of information breeds uncertainty about how these items will behave over time, opening up a wide range of possible problems.

While some medications have succeeded using liposomal technology, this only sometimes means that other molecules, even identical ones, can be delivered using liposomes. Dr. Salzman emphasizes that each drug's most effective distribution strategy must be determined after a thorough scientific analysis. The effectiveness and safety of NMN liposomal products or other novel delivery systems, such as sublingual tablets and nasal sprays, remain under evaluation, and scientists need to be able to vouch for both safely.

Oral capsules are the most reliable and verified route for delivering NMN based on the information and data that are currently available.

3) Is NMN attainable naturally?

Fruits and vegetables like avocados, broccoli, cabbage, edamame, and cucumbers all contain NMN. Adding these to your diet regularly can raise your NMN levels. The levels of NMN seen in supplements are considerably higher than you could take through a natural diet.

4) How Come NMN Doesn't Work for Everyone?

Some users of NMN pills were dissatisfied with the outcomes.

It's simple to attribute this lack of effectiveness to NMN itself. But in actuality, you ought to hold the supplement manufacturer accountable.

Some NMN supplements are less effective than others for four primary reasons:

1. Fake NMN supplements are the primary cause. They advertise that they include NMN but contain a mixture of B vitamins or herbs to make you believe the supplement is effective. You can take these supplements daily, believing they are effective, while taking a multivitamin.

2. The delivery method greatly impacts NMN supplement effectiveness. While there's increasing interest in liposomal or sublingual formats, their efficacy remains questionable. Dr. Andrew Salzman, a notable authority in the field, has voiced concerns regarding the complexities and inconsistencies of liposomal methods. To date, oral capsules stand out as the most trusted and proven method, backed by numerous human clinical trials.

3. Some NMN pills only have 250mg or less of the active component, which is negligible. The best NMN supplements often have 500 to 1000 mg of NMN per serving, sometimes even more.

4. The most effective NMN supplements use at least 98% pure NMN. This NMN has been demonstrated to support active effects. The same NMN is also utilized in investigations and clinical trials. Some NMN supplements claim to provide the proper amount of NMN. Still, they employ less pure NMN, reducing the supplement's effectiveness.

Many people are dissatisfied with NMN for these four reasons. But it's not NMN's fault; the supplement is to blame.

You can increase your likelihood of reaping the rewards of NMN by selecting the best NMN supplements on our list above.

5) Why do NMN supplements cost so much?

Due to high manufacturing expenses, NMN supplements could be more expensive. Making NMN that is at least 98% pure is quite expensive. Additionally, while NMN supplements are popular, supplement manufacturers are not motivated to lower their NMN supplement prices.

6) How do I administer NMN?

Most trusted NMN supplements are available as capsules, the preferred format due to their efficacy in raising NAD levels. Simply take the recommended dose for the best results.

7) What time of day is ideal for taking NMN?

Most specialists suggest taking NMN on an empty stomach every morning to maximize absorption and bioavailability.

8) How might NAD levels be raised the most effectively?

You can raise your NAD levels by taking an NMN or NR supplement. Instead, research indicates that a balanced diet and regular exercise can raise NAD levels. Exercise is particularly crucial for NAD levels, and active older persons can have the same NAD levels as younger adults.

9) Can HIIT increase NAD?

According to studies, short bursts of high-intensity exercise, such as HIIT, can increase NAD levels.

10) What distinguishes NMN and NR supplements?

It has been demonstrated that both NMN and NR can safely increase NAD levels. However, NMN supplements provide the direct precursor to NAD, while NR needs to undergo an extra step: it first has to be converted into NMN before it can further transform into NAD. In essence, when one takes NMN, they bypass the conversion step that NR has to go through.


More people than ever before are taking NMN supplements. They have been demonstrated to increase NAD levels, supporting your body's built-in defense against cognitive and physical aging.

You may see various obvious effects with NMN pills, whether you're a younger adult hoping to improve performance or an older adult wanting to feel young again.

To learn more about NMN supplements or to find the best NMN supplements available right now, look over our list above.

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