Video Of Children On Makeshift See-Saw Gets 100 For Creativity On Twitter

"Creativity at its best."

Video Of Children On Makeshift See-Saw Gets 100 For Creativity On Twitter

A video of two children playing on their makeshift swing is winning hearts online.

A video that shows two children in Madhya Pradesh playing on a makeshift seesaw, constructed out of two logs, is winning hearts on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Sher Singh Meena, where it has collected thousands of views and several comments praising the kids for their creativity and resourcefulness. 

Hailing the children as 'aatma nirbhar' or self-reliant, Mr Meena wrote: "Kids made their own sea saw by jugad and enjoying max."

Jugaad is a Hindi word that signifies creativity in making the best out of scanty resources available. It's a word that is often used to celebrate the Indian spirit of resourcefulness. 

In the video, two children can be seen sitting on a swing that has been created out of one log of wood placed on top of another. The children can be seen spinning around on their makeshift swing, that ingeniously seems to serve the purpose of both - a seesaw and a merry-go-round. 

Watch the video below:

Since being shared on Friday, the video has collected over 6,000 views and a ton of comments from people who were touched by the scene. 

"This is our India. People happy in all circumstances," wrote one person in the comments section.

"Creativity at its best," another said. 

One Twitter user said the kids were playing on a type of swing called "GhanMakdi"  in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra.

This isn't the first time that the creativity of young children has impressed social media users. Last year, businessman Anand Mahindra shared an "inspiring" photo of a group of kids playing carrom - with the carrom board being a square drawn in mud and discarded bottle caps standing in for carrom discs and strikers.

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