Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin Tweet Women's Day Wishes, Internet Reacts

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin Tweet Women's Day Wishes, Internet Reacts

The US President's tweet prompted various sarcastic reactions.

New Delhi: It seems like our world leaders cannot take one single step on social media without being ridiculed for it. Yesterday, on International Women's Day, US President Donald Trump put out two tweets to honour 'the critical role of women here in America & around the world.' Almost instantly, users of Twitter started to troll him for his 'tremendous respect for women' statement. After all, the POTUS has been slammed in the past for his misogynistic remarks, and also the fact that he signed an anti-abortion executive order in the presence of only men.

Check out the cheekiest reactions to his Women's Day tweets below:

1. Some dug up his past
2. Others were happy with some plain, old, good-fashioned trolling
3. Some got straight to the point
4. While others couldn't resist pointing out the irony
5. Ouch
It's safe to assume that this wasn't the reaction that the President was hoping for.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin also took to Twitter to wish his followers with this heartfelt tweet:
It's important to remember that just last month, Mr Putin signed a law that decriminalized domestic abuse to a great extent.

1. Some were quick to remind him of that
2. Others just wanted to Photoshop him
3. Some took to gifs to express how they felt
4. While others just laughed at the irony
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