This Viral 3D Lit Dress By Designer Undercover Is Illuminating Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024

Undercover, a shopping retailer brand, made lit dresses for Paris Fashion Week

This Viral 3D Lit Dress By Designer Undercover Is Illuminating Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024

Undercover's lit dresses at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Paris Fashion Week has been a smokeshow, especially for the fashion police who have been hooked to the internet to view the collections shown by various brands. One such spring-summer women's collection for 2024 that is currently making a stir in the fashion world is that by a fashion brand called Undercover. As posted by Undercover on Instagram, the post read, "#UNDERCOVER 2024 Spring - Summer Women's Collection "Deep Mist." The comments posted by fans and followers of the brand ranged from appreciative to negative. While one user wrote, "This is art shaping the future of fashion!!!", another simply responded with, "Dreamy"

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The collection showcased 3D dresses made with a structured pattern at the flare. It had a see-through panel. Inside the structure, the designers made delicate floral structures and patterns which were illuminated by attached lights. The runway was darkened for the models to showcase these pieces. It was indeed an exceptional way to showcase the designs and collections. The LIT dresses instantly became viral within hours of being showcased.

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Undercover's collection "Deep Mist" had other artistic offerings as well. Some outfits showcased human profiles on ruffled material made on midi skirts with a plain top to go with it.

Other pieces of the collection also looked like paintings coming to life. The dresses literally incorporated multi-coloured paintings in the form of prints made over them.

Another look from the collection was a casual pair of co-ords with a pair of knee-length pants. Adding to the drama of the look, they had sheer panels over them.

Undercover's collection was indeed innovative. We wonder if they planned the illuminating twist to match the shimmery lights of the Eiffel Tower, which like the show, is located in Paris.

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