Nora Fatehi Proves That "24 Hours In New York" Is Incomplete Without A Tour Of Times Square

The bustling Times Square was the focal point of Nora Fatehi's "24 Hours in NYC" and can be yours too on your next trip

Nora Fatehi Proves That '24 Hours In New York' Is Incomplete Without A Tour Of Times Square

Have 24 hours in NYC? Don't miss a tour of Times Square for a feel of the concrete jungle

Please do not disturb Nora Fatehi. The actress is currently busy flaunting her “New York attitude” for her Instagram family. How? By spending her best life at Times Square. Wanderlusts across the globe are well aware that every time anyone says NYC, Times Square's name pops right up. So Nora definitely made it a priority on her “24-hour” US trip. The actress dropped a post, featuring a couple of pictures and videos from her day out at Times Square. In the opening frame, Nora can be seen posing at the forefront of a Gucci store. In a pastel green coat, ankle-length denim jeans and turtleneck top, Nora surely channelled her inner New Yorker chic. In one of the slides, we could hear Nora's trip companion, behind the camera, asking her, “Give me New York attitude.” This is when Nora says, “New York attitude? I got this,” and starts walking right in front of a busy Times Square. Guess what? Nora also met one of her fans at the iconic NYC location. Sharing the post, Nora Fatehi wrote, “24 hours in New York.”

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Times Square is formed by the intersection of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway. It is one of the busiest pedestrian areas that is lit by innumerable billboards and advertisements. NYC is home to many cultural gems and as luck would have it, most of them encircle Times Square. Need more on what's so special about it? Here's more. 

Cultural Hotpot

Times Square comes to life when its screens become a display of art by many New York-based artists. Several Broadway theatres, jazz clubs and speakeasies are present on 42nd Street lending their charm to the buzzing city centre. 

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Culinary Haven 

If you are a foodie then Times Square is the place to be. The location houses countless fine-dining restaurants, many of which rank the best in NYC and even the world. In addition, you will get to choose from a plethora of cuisines, some favourites and some on the verge of becoming one. 

Shopper's Paradise

Times Square may let you live your own “Confession Of A Shopaholic” moment with the numerous fashion stores of the world housed in the heart of the city. From Swarovski, GAP, and Old Navy to H&M, you think of a store and you will find it here.

If NYC is on your bucket list of places to visit, don't skip Times Square even if it was a 24 hour trip like Nora Fatehi's 

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