It's Hot Cocoa Season And Jacqueliene Fernandez Looks The Part In A Brown Skirt Set

Jacqueliene Fernandez in a brown three-piece set is a hot cup of cocoa dressed with marshmallows on top

It's Hot Cocoa Season And Jacqueliene Fernandez Looks The Part In A Brown Skirt Set

Jacqueliene Fernandez's minimal outfit creates maximal stir

What drives Jacqueliene Fernandez's style quotient? By the looks of her recent Instagram post, a snazzy brown co-ord set seems just right. What makes this brown co-ord set so very indulgent, one may ask. It is as bright as day at just one look - it's Jacqueliene wearing it after all. The three-piece set includes a crop top, a pencil maxi skirt and an oversized blazer. Other than the very delicious chocolate hue of her outfit, the icing on top isn't just the white borders of her very sleek outfit but also the glimpse of her very sculpted washboard abs. It may have been a minimalistic approach to the boss woman vibes but teamed with dollops of large pearls for jewellery meant she was serious about this business of fashion. Beautifully styled updo, her signature makeup style with the focus on the eyes rests her (and our) case of why she is easily one of the most stylish leading ladies of Bollywood.

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We've often been told that a pair of jeans and a tee can take you a long way. We're sure Jacqueliene Fernandez's route was cut short for others to take a closer look at how to give the basics an extra edge. First, you take a sculpted infinity crop, then you add the coolest pair of jeans you can find and lastly add a whole lot of the right kind of attitude to merge it all together.

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The return of Y2K trends has had a clear influence on Bollywood too. We didn't have to go too far to find one of the best uses of this trend. Jacqueliene Fernandez in a micro top from Prada and red cargo trousers wasn't enough, so she added long space braids to elevate looking cool on a whole new level.

Consider us influenced by Jacqueliene Fernandez's super dashing looks. 

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