Exclusive: Sonam Kapoor Admits That Working Women "Feel Scared" To Take Time Off To Have A Baby

Sonam Kapoor revealed that she took a break from acting to get her "body back" after giving birth to son Vayu.

Exclusive: Sonam Kapoor Admits That Working Women 'Feel Scared' To Take Time Off To Have A Baby

Sonam Kapoor Says Women Are "Scared" To Take Time Off Work To Have A Baby

From being a prolific actor, and style trendsetter to an amazing mother, Sonam Kapoor is a B-town diva who surely knows how to ace each and every role like a pro. The actress, who welcomed her son Vayu in 2022, is currently busy taking pride in her role as a mother. Now, with Mother's Day just about a month away Sonam talked about how her life changed after Vayu in an exclusive conversation with NDTV and Who's That 360's Surbhi Prabhakar. Sonam also spoke about her most cherished style icons. Watch all that and more in the video below:

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Taking time off from work

Sonam Kapoor revealed that she took a break from acting to get her “body back”. However, she started working just four months after she welcomed Vayu. Sonam Kapoor said, “I took some time off. I think as a woman…when we are working women, we feel scared that if we... take the time off our jobs won't be there, we might become irrelevant. But I chose to have a baby, so I was like ‘Let me choose to take some time off to get my body back and to take care of myself and take care of my baby and be present. Now that he is a year and a half, I think I am comfortable getting back to work. But I started working sporadically after four months of Vayu. I don't know if you all get maternity leave and I think it is very important.”

Best lesson on parenthood, Sonam Kapoor learned from her parents

During her interview, the actress also revealed the one lesson that she learnt from her parents, Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor said that every parent should “Lead by example” rather than telling their child what to do, they must set a good example in front of them. She said, “Lead by example. Telling a child what to do might not always work but if you set a good example, you learn better from that. I think actions are better than words.”

Myth about motherhood that Sonam Kapoor wants to dispel right now

Sonam Kapoor said that motherhood is a journey that proves to be a different experience for every woman. The actress said that after embracing motherhood, she started to feel herself. Sonam said, “I felt more like myself after I became a mom, but I know some women feel differently. And the one thing I can say is that every woman will feel differently, every woman will have a different experience. There is no shoe that fits all, so everybody can give advice but you need to know what you are feeling and you need to understand what you are going through. Your mom can't tell you, your sister can't tell you, your friends can't tell you, it is you who needs to understand it yourself.”

Sonam's favourite style icons

Post her pregnancy Sonam's style has evolved and some would say even blossomed. But her style icons date back to yesteryear. "We should try to get the cool quotient of the yesteryear actresses back," she said. To discover which actresses from Old Bollywood she was referring to, watch the video here.

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