This Article is From Nov 12, 2017

'Grim Faces At Their Meetings, We Are Happy People': Rahul Gandhi Taunts BJP

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who is campaigning in Gujarat, had recently admitted that his party had been beaten hollow by the BJP in the elections and emerged stronger from it

Gujarat Elections 2017: Rahul Gandhi started the last leg of his Gujarat campaign yesterday.


  • Rahul Gandhi spoke at social media volunteer meet in Banaskantha, Gujarat
  • He said the political tweets are his; he joined Twitter in April 2015
  • Pidi is the Congress leader's pet dog whose video went viral last month
Banaskantha, Gujarat: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who is on the last leg of his campaign in BJP-ruled Gujarat, again credited his pet dog when asked the secret of his recent sharp tweets, which have been drawing a lot of attention on social media.  "I said it is Pidi who tweets," Mr Gandhi replied to cheers and whistles at a meeting with social media volunteers in Banaskantha district.

Then he added, "The political tweets are mine, but not the routine stuff like birthdays. I suggest few things to my communication team and then we fine tune it".

Underscoring the importance of humour, Mr Gandhi took another dig at the BJP. "If you see a BJP meeting, you will see no one smiles. Everyone has a grim face... We look at the future, we are happy people, we accept the flaws and move on," he said. The Congress vice-president, who had started the tour with a visit to Gandhinagar's Akshardham temple yesterday, had recently said his party had emerged stronger after the drubbing it received from the BJP during elections.

Pidi Gandhi made his first appearance last month on the video of a cute biscuit trick. The accompanying tweets, aimed at his detractors, read, "pl been asking who tweets for this guy..I'm coming's me..Pidi..I'm way smarter than him.  Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!".

Rahul Gandhi's entry into twitter - made in April 2015 -- had been very late compared to key BJP leaders. And his followers - 4.29 million - is way behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 36.6 million. But his tweets - especially the one-liners -- had been gaining attention lately.

On October 15, his tweet taking at dig at the PM, got 12.8K retweets and 61.8K likes.
His pun on Star Wars aimed at Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley  was also circulated.
The most appreciated was the tweet on Pidi, which received 14K retweets and 36K likes.