This Article is From Nov 05, 2022

On Camera: Man Caught Urinating On Train Track, Delhi Metro Responds

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation instantly responded to the tweet and requested the name of the metro station for further investigation.

On Camera: Man Caught Urinating On Train Track, Delhi Metro Responds

The incident took place at Malviya Nagar metro station. (File Pic)

A shocking video of a man urinating on the tracks of the Delhi Metro station has surfaced on social media and left internet users disgusted. The clip was shared on Twitter by user Sanjeev Babbar on October 29. It showed the person filming the scene getting closer to the man who was urinating while standing beyond the yellow line of the platform. 

"Maybe this happened first time in Delhi Metro. Just received a video on Whatsapp. Sharing with you," Mr Babbar captioned the post. 

Watch the video below: 

In the video, the person recording was heard asking, "Where are you urinating? Why are you urinating here". To this, the man, who appeared intoxicated, responded saying, "Ho gaya, zyada ho gaya (I [drank] a little too much)". 

As Mr Babbar tagged Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Chief Minister Office (CMO) Delhi, the officials replied to the tweet asking him the name of the station for further investigation. Mr Babbar responded by indicating that it was the "Malviya Nagar metro station". 

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Further, in addition to thanking the Twitter user for reporting the incident, the DMRC suggested that people call their 24-hour security helpline. "Hi, thank you for the feedback. In case any such activity is noticed, passengers may contact nearest DMRC official or contact our 24x7 helpline no. 155370 or Security helpline no. 155655 so that immediate action can be taken," the DMRC said. 

Meanwhile, the clip garnered more than 500 views. In the comment section, one user asked, "Very shameful, why didn't anyone stop him or took some action on the spot?" "Pathetic," wrote another.