This Article is From May 20, 2021

Watch: Wedding Guests End Up Doing Frog Jumps For Lockdown Violation

They came for wedding, hoping to greet the couple and perhaps, have a feast. They ended up doing frog jumps.


Guests attending a wedding in Madhya Pradeh's Bhind district would not have imagined what they were made to do for attending the celebrations. A group of them were made to do frog jumps by the police who raided the wedding venue to check if lockdown rules were being followed.

Nearly 300 people were present at the wedding in the village of Umari, in clear violation of Covid lockdown restrictions. When the police swooped down on the venue, many of them managed to escape police rounded up some of them.

Those caught by the cops were made to do frog jumps on a street by the side of a field. A video shows around 17 people, all men, performing the act as punishment as the police stood and watched. A cop can be seen hitting a man on his back for not jumping the right way.

After the punishment, they were warned against attending any such gathering till lockdown restrictions and later, let off.

Similar scenes were witnessed in Bihar's Kishanganj  last week when a dozen young men were made to crawl on their elbows and perform frog jumps right in the middle of a market for violating lockdown rules.
Madhya Pradesh added 5,065 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, taking its infection tally to over  7.47 lakh. 7,227 people have died due to the virus in the state.

In another example of a harsher act, Madhya Pradesh police personnel were seen in a recent video kicking, punching and dragging a woman on a road in Sagar district for not wearing a mask.