Holi 2019: How To Make The "Festival Of Colours" Memorable

Happy Holi images 2019: On Holi, people smear colour on each other and celebrate with music, dance, food. The festival of Holi signifies parting with winters and welcoming the spring. It celebrates brotherhood.

Holi 2019: How To Make The 'Festival Of Colours' Memorable

Holi 2019: Know different ways of celebrating Holi and make it special for your friends and family..

New Delhi:

Holi, the vibrant festival of colours is here. On March 20 is Holika Dahan, also famous as Chhoti Holi will be celebrated. On Chhoti Holi, holy pyres are burnt on the streets and open spaces, signifying the victory of good over evil. People sing and dance around the fire and also perform parikrama - taking a round around the fire.  On March 21, Badi Holi, people smear colour on each other and celebrate with music, dance, food. The festival of Holi signifies parting with winters and welcoming spring. Holi is best celebrated in the company of friends and family. Make it memorable by adding some of your eco-friendly touches like flowers, arranging Holi songs, preparing Holi sweets, go out and enjoy a destination Holi or plan a holi-themed party. Enjoy the day and have a happy holi!


Holi 2019: Here's how you can make the festival special:


1.    Thoughtful Holi with eco-friendly colours:

Many people do not celebrate Holi for the fear of chemicals in colours that can harm one's skin. This Holi, celebrate with flowers and herbal colours and have a chemical-free Holi. You can use products from the kitchen like haldi, flour, beetroot powder, gram flour to have an eco-friendly Holi.


Holi 2019: What's Holi without sweets. Have a sweet Holi with gujiya and thandai.

No festival is complete without a dash of sweetness in your food. Special Holi sweets like gujiya, thandai, malpua, mishti doi, kheer, kesar kulfi are strongly advised to have a happy holi 2019. Preparing your family's favourite dish will help you enjoy Holi to your heart's content. Get a sugar and food high this Holi and make up for the extra calories by working extra hard at gym. Holi sweets not to be missed.

2.Make rangoli

Display your arty side by making some thoughtful rangoli designs. here are some suggestions:     







3. Savour lip-smacking food this Holi


Happy Images: Messages you can share on Holi festival with your friends and family.

4.    Send Thoughtful Holi Wishes To Family And Friends

While you will be celebrating the festival with your near and dear ones. If any of your special people are away, you can always exchange some thoughtful wishes and wish them in your style. Here are Holi images and  messages you can share.


Happy Holi 2019: Varanasi, Puri, Hampi can be your go-to place for a destination Holi.

5.    Destination Holi

Plan a trip with family and friends and enjoy a destination Holi in places like Jaipur, Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana, Anand Pur Sahib in Punjab. Hampi in Karnataka, Puri in Odisha, Purulia in Bengal can also be explored and for some loaded fun this Holi.


6.    Dance your heart out and celebrate brotherhood this Holi 

Bring in the Holi spirit by dancing your heart out on Bollywood blockbuster songs like rang barse, balam pichkari, holi ke din dil mil jaate hain to get a happy holi high! Happy Holi 2019!