This Article is From Mar 20, 2021

Trinamool Leader Abhishek Banerjee's Point-By-Point Rebuttal To PM Modi

Bengal Election 2021: PM Modi had earlier attacked Abhishek Banerjee at a poll rally.

Bengal Election: Abhishek Banerjee seen during a poll rally.

Kolkata/ New Delhi:

Trinamool leader Abhishek Banerjee today gave a point-by-point rebuttal after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while campaigning in Bengal, accused his party of corruption.

On the Prime Minister's wordplay with Trinamool's poll slogan - "Khela Hobey" (game on), the 33-year-old party leader, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's nephew, said: "PM Modi says - "Didi (Mamata Banerjee) says 'Khela Hobey; and we say 'Vikas Hobey' (development should happen)'". But BJP's development is killing farmers. PM Modi promised Rs 15 lakh (after 2014 election). Have you got it? Today, he is asking for five years. Remember, he asked for 50 days during demonetization. You can hang me at any square. He can't keep his word. If he asks for five years remember he will take 500 years."

He further referred to PM's promise of "Sonar Bangla (a golden state)". "Why haven't you been able to build a Sonar India. Why not Sonar Tripura?" Mr Banerjee asked, mentioning the state where BJP is in power.

"Mamata Banerjee has given a ten-year report card. Where is Modi ji's report card?" he further asked, talking about the Trinamool's poll manifesto.

Then he went on to challenge PM Modi for a debate. "I challenge you for a debate. We will fight on what Didi has done in ten years and what Modi ji has done in seven years. We will defeat you by ten goals. I am 33. I respect seniors. For two minutes I challenge you to stand without a paper and speak in Bengali for two minutes. I will speak in Hindi for two hours. Speak for just 120 seconds in Bengali. Accept this challenge."

"You choose the time and place. I am willing to come to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi... wherever you ask. I will speak for one hour without a paper. Okay, you speak for a minute. I will speak for half an hour. Take the challenge. Lets talk about what you have done and what we have done."

"PM Modi roams around in a Rs 6 crore-car and announces Rs 6,000 for farmers. Mamata Banerjee roams in a hawai chappal and has announced Rs 10,000 for farmers, Rs 10 lakh-credit through student credit card at 4 per cent interest," Mr Banerjee further said.

Mr Banerjee had earlier said his party will win over 250 of 294 seats in the state elections, starting March 27; the results will be out on May 2. While Mamata Banerjee is eyeing re-election, the BJP is using all resources at hand to win the state polls.

Today, PM Modi yet again attacked the Trinamool in Bengal as he said the state has seen a slow pace of development in five decades. He also repeated his "Tolabaaj" (extortionist) jibe, referring to the chit fund scam that surfaced during Trinamool's rule. 

The Prime Minister specifically attacked the 33-year-old Abhishek Banerjee saying, "We are moving towards a single window system. In Bengal there is another type of single window. In Bengal single window is 'Bhaipo' (nephew) window. If you do not go by this window, nothing can happen."

Shortly after, Mamata Banerjee also hit out at the BJP and Prime Minister. "Narendra Modi makes tall claims. What have you done for seven years? Now he is building a stadium in his own name. He is trying to be Rabindranath Tagore. One day you will see he will name India after him."

Attacking her protégé-turned-opponent Suvendu Adhikari, Mamata Banerjee said, "Earlier whenever I wanted to come here, they said there is no need. Now I have come to Nandigram so that I can visit you. Who are you to stop me? You say you were in touch with the BJP since 2014. You are Mir Jafar. You are a gaddar (betrayer). I am glad they have gone from my party. You will see what I will do for this place," she added.

The Chief Minister further tagged BJP as 'extortionists'. "BJP is the biggest tolabaaz. They have made money in the name of PM-CARES. And now people are not getting vaccines. BJP promised free vaccines in Bihar. People have not got vaccines there still," she said.