This Article is From Jan 30, 2017

As Mysuru Policeman Lay Dying After Accident, Many Stopped. For Photos

The Mysuru police officer had severe head injuries and died in a hospital.

Mysuru: A 38-year-old police officer was left bleeding and trapped in a mangled police jeep for nearly an hour after a road crash in Karnataka's Mysuru, as scores of people paused only to take photographs.

Mahesh Kumar died of severe head wounds in hospital. Critical life-saving moments were apparently lost when he was in the car with a group of people gathered around him, doing nothing to take him to hospital.
Mr Kumar was travelling in a police jeep on Saturday afternoon when it collided head-on with a state-run bus.

Constable Lakshman, who was driving the jeep, died on the spot while Inspector Kumar, sitting next to him, was trapped in metal that was wrecked and twisted out of shape.

Instead of taking the suffering man to hospital, witnesses allegedly started taking pictures and videos.

Last year, Bengaluru was shamed by horrifying visuals of a 24-year-old biker begging for help after a collision with a truck left his body split into two, but people taking photos or videos. The incident generated shock as the image of a dying Harish was widely shared on social media.