This Article is From Jun 20, 2018

Aiming To Double Farmers Income By 2022, Says PM Modi: Highlights

This is the sixth such interaction since the Modi government completed four years at the centre.

PM Modi addresses farmers via video conferencing.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the farmers across the nation today via video conferencing about the issues related to the agriculture sector. PM Modi's address focused on the schemes of the centre aimed to boost their income. This is the sixth such interaction since the Modi government completed four years at the centre. 

A day before the address, Prime Minister's Office said,  "The interaction will provide an opportunity to hear directly from the farmers. Initiatives related to doubling farmers' income will also be discussed." 

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's address to the farmers. 
  • "We are working towards ensuring that the incomes of our hardworking farmers doubles by 2022. For that we are facilitating proper assistance wherever required. We have faith in the farmers of India," he said
  • "We are aiming to provide proper irrigation facilities to every farm in the country," PM Modi mentioned
  • "Under the Blue Revolution, we have made 26 per cent progress as far as far rearing of fish is concerned. Whereas in the dairy industry, we have made a progress of 24 per cent," PM said.
  • "The previous government had fixed a budget of Rs 1,21,000 crore for the agriculture sector, but we have nearly doubled this budget to Rs 2,12,000 crore," he mentioned
  • "Today, farmers across the nation have their crops insured. The burden of loss no longer has to be borne by them," the prime minister asserted in his address
  • "We have started the soil health card, a service through which farmers know what crop is best suited for their farms based on the health of the soil. This benefits their output and directly benefits their earnings," PM Modi highlighted.
  • "I urge all farmers to stay positive and motivated and do your best, and our government will do its best to ensure the best for you all," PM Modi said today.
  • "Earlier, there used to long queues for procuring manure and fertilisers. But now, farmers are getting it all easily. Now, 100 percent Neem coated urea is available for them," PM Modi said.
  • "The e-Nam platform is helping the farmers to get the right price for their produce. We want to end the role of mediators," PM Modi said. 
  • "We want to help the farmers at every step from sowing their seeds to selling their produce. We want to ensure farmers' grievances are reduced," PM Modi asserted.