Worried About Holiday Weight? 9 Simple Lifestyle Hacks To Your Rescue

Do not let the fear of weight gain ruin your celebrations during the holiday season of December. These simple lifestyle hacks by Luke Coutinho will help you have a healthy and happy New Year!

Worried About Holiday Weight? 9 Simple Lifestyle Hacks To Your Rescue

Try having at least one healthy meal during the holiday season


  • Take less stress during the holiday season
  • Avoid feeling guilty about your indulgences and exercise regularly
  • Keep yourself well hydrated during the holiday season

December has a lot to offer. Not only is it the holiday season, it is also the season full festivities, holidays and weddings. Amidst so many celebrations, what is it that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy? Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, in one of his recent live videos on Facebook, says that it is all about the mindset. He mentions in his video that during this time of the year, gym memberships go low, many people stop working out thinking they will now begin in the New Year, etc. Well, there are certain tricks that can help you stay healthy during December and give a great start to your year as well. Keep reading to know them...

How to stay healthy during December



Change your mindset

You need to change your mindset and know that little things done on a daily basis can help you have a healthy December and New Year.

Lifestyle hacks that can help prevent weight gain during December

1. Nutrition: Working towards making at least one meal healthy during this time of the year can prevent from any unnecessary weight gain.

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2. Avoid overeating: Enjoy your parties, but avoid overeating. Eat only to the extent that it satiates your hunger.


This holiday season, avoid overeating and eat only to the point that satisfies your hunger
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3. Intermittent fasting: This is one way which can help in preventing weight gain even when you're partying regularly throughout December. This type of fasting is meant to make you healthier and cleaner from inside. If done properly, it may even help in achieving weight loss. Read here to know how to do intermittent fasting in the right way.

4. Eat raw foods when in the morning: To satiate your hunger pangs in the morning, prefer raw foods like fruits or nuts. Eating raw foods in the morning can cleanse and detoxify your system. It can also help you feel light in the morning. Raw foods help the digestive system to work more efficiently.

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5. Stay hydrated: No matter how busy you are in celebrating, never compromise on your hydration. Dehydration can result in slower metabolic rate and also make you prone to several diseases.

6. Avoid being guilty: The idea is to enjoy the festivities and not think about how much you have to exercise later for damage control. Well, there will be no damage in case you avoid overeating and check your portion size.

7. Exercise: During back-to-back celebrations, finding the time to exercise can surely be difficult. But need not worry as all you need is 4 minutes to exercise during such times. Try the tabata workouts. They can be done anytime, anywhere of the day. But, the tabata workout maybe too intense for people with knee pain or back pain. People with such pains can simply pledge to work 10,000 steps every day by being active. You can also opt for short 15 or 20 minutes of workout which either includes high intensity interval training or other lesser intense forms of exercise.

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8. Sleep adequately: You might have a lot of late nights during this time of the year. Try making room for sleep with an afternoon nap but do give your body the time to rest and recover. On the day you don't have any other plans, make sure that you sleep adequately on that day.

9. Take less stress: While this is a joyful time of the year, socialising can be a huge stress for many people. Surround yourself with people who are going to make you happy and people who let you be who you are and uplift you.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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