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World Pharmacist Day 2019 Theme And Significance: Safe And Effective Medicines For All

World Pharmacist Day observed on September 25 highlights the importance and role of a pharmacist. The theme for this year is Safe and effective medicines for all.

World Pharmacist Day 2019 Theme And Significance: Safe And Effective Medicines For All

World Pharmacist Day 2019 highlights safe and effective medicines for all


  • Pharmacists play an important role in taking care of people's health
  • Pharmacists ensure that they provide the right medicine
  • Pharmacists are medicine experts we all need at some point in our lives

World Pharmacist Day observed on every September 25 creates awareness about the role of a pharmacist in improving health. It highlights the importance of medicine experts in one's life. On this day many activities are organised all over the world to let people understand the crucial role a pharmacist play in the medical world. This day was formulated by the FIP Council (International Pharmaceutical Federation) in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. Pharmacist day emphasises on the contribution of a pharmacist in healthcare.

World Pharmacist Day 2019 Theme and Significance

The theme declared for world pharmacist day 2019 is "Safe and effective medicines for all". This theme focuses on promoting the crucial role of a pharmacist in safeguarding patient safety by improving medicine use and reducing medication errors.


Pharmacist Day 2019: Pharmacists are an important part of healthcare system
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This theme highlights that pharmacists are crucial for the safe and effective use of medicines. "Pharmacists use their broad knowledge and unique expertise to ensure that people get the best from their medicines. We ensure access to medicines and their appropriate use, improve adherence, coordinate care transitions and so much more," said FIP President Dominique Jordan in a video posted by FIP on their website.

"Today, more than ever, pharmacists are charged with the responsibility to ensure that when a patient uses a medicine, it will not cause harm", President Dominique added.

Pharmacists also help people to improve their health and prevent illness by using their knowledge and learning. They provide the required medical assistance to the patient by giving the right medicines along with information about dosage. On world pharmacist day there are multiple activities organised across the world to mark the importance of a pharmacist for every individual.

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