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Make Your Own Plant-Based Protein Powder With Sattu, Peanuts And More- Watch Video

This protein powder can be great for those who are looking to up their intake of protein for goals like weight loss or muscle build-up. It also comes with added advantage of being plant-based, makig it ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

Make Your Own Plant-Based Protein Powder With Sattu, Peanuts And More- Watch Video

This protein powder can be made with simple kitchen ingredients


  • Protein is an important nutrient for weight loss
  • Protein can help you with weight loss and buildup of muscles
  • Try to have protein with every meal

Looking for ideas to up your protein intake? Look no further. Digvijay Singh, a health coach and nutritionist based in Mumbai, recently took to Instagram to share a 100% natural plant-based protein powder, which you can make at home. Now this is going to be a especially helpful for vegetarians, who seem to struggle with their daily protein intake quite a bit. This protein powder is made out of whole foods and is also pocket-friendly. It can be made from basic ingredients which are most likely to be available in your kitchen. Keep reading to know how you can make it.

All-natural protein powder you can make at home

To prepare this all-natural plant-based protein powder at home, you need 40 gms of chana sattu, 40 gms of oats, 40 gms peanuts, 20 gms flaxseeds and 15 gms almonds. Mix all the ingredients and grind them. Take two scoops (roughly 65 gms) of the powder and add to water or milk or almond milk or cashew milk, as per your choice. Add jaggery and cocoa powder for additional flavour.

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All of these are whole foods. Including it in your diet will give you a good dose of fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, healthy carbs and much more.

You can have it two times a day, recommends Singh. Nutrition profile is as follows:

  • Calories - 700 cal
  • Protein - 33 g
  • Fats - 40 g
  • Carbs - 65 g
  • Fiber - 16 g

A glass of this protein shake can fill you up and keep you full for a long period of time. To further enhance nutrition of this protein shake, you can add fruits or vegetables to it, and it will make for a complete meal in itself.

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If you have been looking to up your protein intake, you can have a glass of this protein shake every day. It can aid weight loss and also facilitate build-up of muscles. Other foods that are rich in protein include eggs, chicken, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, milk and dairy products.

Try to have some protein-rich food with every meal. This also is effective way to up your daily intake of protein.

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(Digvijay Singh is a health coach, nutritionist and Ayurvedic expert)

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