On A Weight Loss Journey? Here Are Tips To Ensure You Don't Lose The Glow On Your Face

Weight loss: Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has suggested simple hacks that can help you ensure that the glow on your face is maintained when trying to lose weight.

On A Weight Loss Journey? Here Are Tips To Ensure You Don't Lose The Glow On Your Face

Weight loss: A few nutritional hacks can help you prevent skin issues during weight loss


  • Your weight loss journey can make your skin lose that glow
  • A healthy diet can help improve skin health
  • Add juices and more liquids to your weight loss diet for healthy skin

If weight loss is not being done in the right manner, it can rob your face of that lovely glow that makes you look bright and happy. And nutritionist Pooja Makhija has said that it is common for people losing weight to also lose the glow on the face. However, the expert has said that there are simple ways to ensure that this does not happen. A few changes in diet can help keep your skin healthy when trying to lose weight. Here are some of these expert-recommended tips that can help you save your skin.

Here's how you can maintain healthy skin during weight loss

She explained that all you have to do is follow a few simple lifestyle tips. In a video titled "Steps to maintain your face glow during weight loss" shared on Instagram, the expert has elaborated on the "nutritional hacks" that are fundamental to any weight loss journey. In her first tip, she says, "Never forget water is the most important nutrient in any diet." She also advised viewers to stay away from very low-calorie diets as they cause "irreparable muscle and collagen loss."


Drinking enough amount of water is essential to maintain healthy skin
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With regard to diet, she asked viewers to include vegetable juice in their daily menu and also include some good fats such as coconut oil, nuts, seeds. She also warned them against exercising too much.

She added in the video, "Remember your skin is but a reflection of what your gut is from the inside. Eat with thought." 

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Watch the video here:

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In the caption of the video, she further explained, " So many I know lose their charm and glow along with the weight they so badly want to lose. Healthy fat loss doesn't have to strip the face of its inherent glow and shine. If you use food intelligently it can help you lose unhealthy fat and, in fact, improve the quality of your skin and hair."

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Follow these tips and say hello to healthy skin and a healthy body weight.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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