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Want To Gain Muscle Mass? Here Are 5 Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Building muscle mass is not as simple it seems. There are multiple factors which can affect results as well as the process of muscle training. Read here to know from the expert some tips for beginners who are trying to build muscles.

Want To Gain Muscle Mass? Here Are 5 Tips Every Beginner Should Know

You should start with cardio exercises to build muscles effectively, says expert


  • Building muscles requires a perfect combination of diet and exercise
  • Protein plays an important gaining muscle mass
  • If you are beginner do not life heavy weights initially

Building muscles is different from normal weight gain. There are several factors that need to be taken care of to build muscles in a healthy way. Beginners, who are trying to gain muscle mass over time need to understand a few things about the body and how it affects your muscular system. Building muscles require consumption of extra calories combined with right exercises and weight training. Adding protein to diet also plays a significant role. Along with protein, healthy fats are often recommended. There are many other factors that you should know before starting muscle training. To understand the basics of building muscle mass, we spoke to Dr. Shreyash Gujrathi who is a Senior Exercise Science Professor at Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. Keep reading to know his opinion on the same.

Tips for beginners to build muscles

Dr. Gujrathi explains, "First things first, one should understand that muscles are one of the parts of your body, not your entire body! Muscles are not an individual unit as well; they are a part of a system. To function they need a constant supply of nutrition, oxygen, and other essentials such as minerals, proteins, carbs and vitamins just like other organs."

"All the essential nutrients are carried to the muscles by the blood that flows through the arteries and their waste products from the muscles are carried out through the veins. Both arteries and veins are connected to your heart. This means that, if you are an absolute beginner, remember you need to focus on your heart too as well as your body," he further adds.


A healthy diet with all essential nutrients can help build muscles
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Some of the tips Dr. Gujrathi shared with DoctorNDTV are-

To ensure that your body and heart is prepared, beginners for the first 4 to 6 or 8 weeks should focus more on cardio training with exercises such as walking, brisk walking on treadmill for the first 1-2 weeks, followed by jogging and low-intensity running for the 2nd - 3rd week and then a comparatively high intensity running for longer duration during the 4th week till 6th or 8th. During this time, you can lift very light weights, with high repetitions (20 reps per set) and your focus should be more on learning the right exercise form.

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Including 4 to 8 weeks of cardio training and high repetition training will prepare your heart and keep it ready to supply blood and nutrients to muscles for heavier lifting in the coming weeks that is post 6th or 8th week.


Starting with cardio helps you prepare well for weight training
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When you actually start lifting heavy and you have an increased muscle demand, your heart supplies the muscles with all the requirements efficiently and your muscles won't get tired easily, leading to a more efficient workout and better muscle gain in the coming weeks.

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Summing up, while keeping in mind all the important factors here are 5 tips for beginners:

1. For the first 4-8 weeks, you need to focus on cardio workouts. Patience also plays a key role.

2. Be regular! Patience and regularity can help you achieve your fitness goals.

3. Learn the right exercise from an expert or personal trainer. As a beginner, if you learn and follow wrong exercises and techniques, in future you may invite injuries.

4. Do not fall for fad diets or workouts. You may be mentally ready for these diets but your body is not. Your body needs you to learn the right exercise first along with cardio training to start building muscles.

5. Set a goal! Only coming to the gym regularly is not enough, have deadlines. Training without a goal can later become confusing.

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Following the said pattern will definitely help you start your journey of building muscles. Remember that you cannot fast track your body into giving quick results, your body requires the right amount of consistent training, conditioning, health support through food and nutrients to start showing desired results over time.

(Dr. Shreyash Gujrathi who is a Senior Exercise Science Professor at Gold's Gym Fitness Institute)

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