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Post-Workout Nutrition: 5 Foods For Fast Muscle Recovery You Must Try After Your Next Workout

Post-workout nutrition: Several foods and drinks can assist in muscle recovery post-workout. Here are some foods which can help in fast recovery after working out.

Post-Workout Nutrition: 5 Foods For Fast Muscle Recovery You Must Try After Your Next Workout

Post-workout foods: Protein helps in building muscles and weight loss


  • Do not ignore post-workout hunger pangs and choose healthy options
  • A post-workout protein shake can help you fight hunger after a workout
  • Fibre-rich foods can help in weight loss

It requires a lot of hard work and pain to get into the right shape. Cutting calorie consumption is not enough for building muscles. Along with a healthy diet, it is necessary to lift weights, do regular workouts according to your goal and much more. Working out requires a lot of efforts and you always push yourself to perform better each time. Post-workout meal plays an important role in muscle recovery. Providing the right nutrition to your body not only helps in fast recovery but also lessens the next-day soreness. Almost every fitness enthusiast is aware of the fact that protein is one of the best nutrients that support muscle recovery. If you are wondering what to eat after working out other than protein shakes and bars, here are some foods that can help in recovery.

Post-workout nutrition: Foods for muscle recovery

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best protein sources. Boiled eggs are widely consumed post-workout. Consuming eggs for breakfast can also keep you full for longer and help you lose weight. Eggs are also a good source of vitamin A, D, E, B12, B6 and K.


Eggs are loaded with protein and essential micronutrients
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2. Nuts

Nuts are loaded with essential nutrients and micronutrients. A handful of nuts post-workout can offer you protein, fibre and healthy fats. There are a variety of nuts to choose from. You can also add seeds to it and eat a handful of this mixture after working out.

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3. Banana

Banana is a common fruit that is easily available in India. It contains a good amount of potassium. Bananas are also loaded with fibre that can suppress hunger. It is also easy to carry a banana in your gym bag. This fruit can also be added to your protein shake.


Bananas are loaded with fibre and potassium
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4. Quinoa

It is a good plant-based protein source. It is also high in nutrients and is gluten-free. Quinoa has a low-glycemic index which makes it healthy for people with diabetes. With high-fibre content, quinoa can be easily added to your weight loss diet.

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5. Do not miss water

You lose water through sweat while exercising. Drinking enough water helps your body function properly. It can also help in recovery and performance. Always carry your water bottle when leaving for gym.

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