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Sleep Your Way To A Healthy Mind: Expert Explains Importance Of Adequate Sleep For Mental Health

Mental health: Adequate sleep is important for your health in various ways. It is also linked with better mental health. Read here to know expert opinion on how sleep play a role in better mental health.

Sleep Your Way To A Healthy Mind: Expert Explains Importance Of Adequate Sleep For Mental Health

Inadequate sleep is linked several health issues


  • Inadequate sleep is linked with weight gain
  • Exercise daily to ensure better sleep
  • Try breathing exercises to reduce stress

After working all day long your body and mind need some rest. Sleep gives your body the time to repair and prepare for the next day. Scientifically, it is a state that is characterised by changes in brain wave activity, breathing, heart rate and body temperature. Sleep is often considered as a natural body process but many fail to understand that its role in assisting different body processes. Sleep disorders have often been linked to a spike in disharmony in your mental, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore, importance of adequate sleep is a much-discussed topic.

Importance of sleep for mental health

Sound sleep is important for the proper functioning of the body. Studies had shown the link between improper sleep and various disorders like weight gain, loss of appetite, decreased concentration, altered performance, hormonal disorders amongst various others. It is linked to an increased risk of heart diseases and mental disorders as well as the development of type-2 diabetes in some cases.


Adequate sleep is important for your physical as well as mental health
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Considering the mental health aspect, sleep and mental wellbeing are very closely connected. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep affects your psychological and mental state. Research has found increased manifestation of mental disorder in patients having signs and symptoms of conditions like insomnia. People having trouble sleeping have eventually shown to develop mental disorders as well.

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Sleeping issues can be acute usually caused due to a sudden incident. But can be chronic too where trauma or some underlying health condition prevents them from having a sound sleep.


Fix a sleep schedule to ensure optimum amount of sleep each day
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A proper sleep cycle of 6-8 hours is thus necessary to keep disorders at bay and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try following a healthy diet and lifestyle that can promote good sleep. Staying stress-free can also help you sleep better. Thus, ignoring the inability to sleep and hoping for it to resolve on its own isn't going to help. If you are someone facing difficulty in sleeping or know someone facing this, reach out to a doctor and seek help before it affects your health.

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(Arouba Kabir is a Mental Health Therapist and Founder of Enso Wellness)

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