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Skincare Tips: Should You Store Your Creams And Lotion In Refrigerator? Expert Reveals The Answer

Skincare tip: Should you store it in the refrigerator? How to safely store your creams and lotions? How long does cream last? Here are all the answers straight from expert.

Skincare Tips: Should You Store Your Creams And Lotion In Refrigerator? Expert Reveals The Answer

Skincare tips: Stop using your cream immediately if it has expired


  • Do not keep your skincare products at extreme temperatures
  • Do not use your hands to extract product from the container
  • Always wash your hands properly before applying creams and lotions

A healthy skincare routine is essential to safeguard that glow on your skin. It is also extremely important to take care of your skincare products too. A cream or lotion is the most basic product that everyone uses. For effective results, it becomes important for you to store and use cream wisely. Some store creams and other skincare products in the refrigerator. But is it okay to keep them at low temperatures? In this article here some tips straight from the expert that can help you use and store your skincare products in the right way.

Skincare tips: How to store and use your creams and lotions?

Dr. Rashmi Shetty who is a dermatologist says in one of her IGTVs, "It is important to take care of your skincare cream as much as you take care of your skin." She has shared some helpful tips and some of these are-

How to check the cream has expired?

The easiest way is to check the expiry date mentioned on the bottle. If the date has been erased due to some reason, then you can make out with the texture of the cream that it has gone wrong and you should not use it anymore. When you take the product out of the bottle and notice a separation of clear fluid and thick solution, it means the product has expired. Any change in colour and odour also helps determine that it is not good to use this cream anymore.

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Any change in colour and odour of the products may determine that it has expired
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How to store creams and lotions?

"Keep the makeup and skincare separate. If you use a pump or tube and there is a little bit of product out on the tube, do not leave it there. Make sure that you wipe that extra product off, clean it properly and then put it back," tells Dr. Shetty in the video.

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If the cream is in a tub-shaped container, use a spatula. Always keep the spatula dry and clean. Avoid using your hands and nails to take the product out of the tub. If you are using hands, first wash your hands and allow them to dry properly.

Refrigerate your cream or not? Find out here!

Dr. Shetty suggests, "No, do not store creams and lotions in the refrigerator. Creams are meant to do and sustain well at room temperature. If you keep them at extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold), they may lose their properties."

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She further suggests that you should change your products every year. If not kept well, bacteria can accumulate in the product and harm your skin.

(Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a dermatologist at Mumbai and Hyderabad)

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