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Are Carbs Safe For Diabetics? Here's What You Should Know

Cutting down carbs can help in weight loss. Also, carbs result in rapid increase in blood sugar levels. So, are the safe people with diabetes? Find out here.

Are Carbs Safe For Diabetics? Here's What You Should Know

Diabetics can eat complex carbs as they do not result in rapid increase in blood sugar levels


  • Carbs are the main source of fuel for the body
  • Diabetics can eat natural sources of simple carbs like milk and fruits
  • Eliminating carbs from your diet can detrimental to your overall health

Have you ever thought of carbohydrates (carbs) as a nutrient that causes weight gain? If yes, then you probably need to probably have a more in-depth understanding of carbs. Carbs are one of the main macronutrients that is the main source of fuel for the body. The primary function of carbs is to provide energy for the body and that is why they are extremely important for your health. However, the urge for quick weight loss makes people give up on carbs and follow fad diets like keto diet or low-carb diet that involve minimising carb intake as much as possible. What's more is that people with diabetes are suggested to consume less carbs as they result in rapid increase in blood sugar levels. So, should diabetics not consume carbs at all? Keep reading to know...

Informing more about carbs and why they are important for the body is nutritionist Nmami Agarwal on Instagram. In a post, she talks about simple carbs and complex carbs, and which one of these is important for the body.

"When you consume less carbs, the body is forced to breakdown protein to provide energy," she says.

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Simple carbs

Simple carbs are present in foods like sugar, aerated drinks, fruit juice and breakfast cereals to name a few. The body does not take much time in digesting and absorbing them in the blood stream in the form of glucose. Simple can result in rapid increase in blood sugar levels. These carbs have zero nutritional value and provide no health benefits.

Whereas, there are also natural form of simple carbs that can be consumed by diabetics as well. These are fibre-rich carbs that are also rich in other vitamins and minerals. Milk and fruits and are examples of natural sources of simple carbs.


Junk food and processed food are simple carbs that cause rapid increase in blood sugar levels and weight gain
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Complex carbs

Complex carbs are starches that are digested and absorbed slowly into the blood stream. This is the reason why complex carbs do not rapidly increase blood sugar levels, and are thus safe for diabetics. Food sources of complex carbs include whole grains, fibre-rich foods, fibrous vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes and brown rice to name a few.

So, if you are trying to lose weight, opt for choosing the right carbs instead of completely eliminating them from your diet.

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(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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