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Pulls And Planks: Beginners, You Can Perform These Exercises In No Time

Don't let time-crunch or beginner-level doubts sabotage your workout plan. Here are some exercises you can try.

Pulls And Planks: Beginners, You Can Perform These Exercises In No Time

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  • Exercising regularly is essential to stay in shape when at home
  • Along with exercise maintaining a healthy diet is also crucial
  • Beginners can try these exercises at home

Are you a beginner at workouts but don't have the time for lengthy sessions? This is a genuine problem most of us face these days owing to our fast lifestyles. So, how do we keep our bodies fit in such times? Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has the answers to your problems. She suggests some “quick and beginner-friendly” exercises that you can squeeze into your daily routine. In a recent video, Yasmin showed the workouts, and captioned the post, “This will help you strengthen your arms and legs while you engage your core and improve balance as well.”

Yasmin suggested and demonstrated three exercises:

1) Leg Pull

Here you plank face downwards pull stretch your legs up, one at a time. While it looks easy, you'll take some time to adjust to the reps and sets. Yasmin suggests 3 sets of 8 reps for this exercise.

2) Plank To T

Here, you plank face downwards and twist to face sideways while stretching your hand high to make it look like a “T”. You switch sides alternately. This can especially strengthen your core. Yasmin recommends 3 sets of it with 8- 10 reps in each set.

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3) Plank Opposite Arms And Leg Reach

Here again, you plank facing downwards and stretch alternate arms and legs. If you are lifting your right leg, stretch your left arm simultaneously. With the left leg, you stretch the right arm. Yasmin suggests 3 sets of 6 reps for this exercise.

Watch the video here:

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Wish to start or resume your workout regime? Give it a kickstart with these tips we shared with you.

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