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Summer Skin Care: Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares 3 Secrets For Healthy, Flawless Skin

As the summer season is here, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared the tips to take care of skin as part of her 'health at home' series.

Summer Skin Care: Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares 3 Secrets For Healthy, Flawless Skin

Summer skin care: Do not forget to add cooling foods and drinks to your summer diet


  • Drink adequate amount of water to prevent dehydration
  • Add enough seasonal foods to your diet
  • Chandan and fennel leave a cooling effect on the body

Come summer, most of us find ourselves dealing with breakouts and acne. Many also experience bloating and irritability due to the rising temperatures. Well, all your problems can be solved right at home without stepping out, says celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. In an Instagram video, Rujuta said, "As the temperature begins to rise, we all start to break out. Our skin and our hair are both damaged." But she said that one need not worry because there are many easy tricks in our collective wisdom that can help us get flawless skin through the summer.

Summer skin care: Three tips by Rujuta Diwekar

1. Drink one glass of Variyali sherbet (fennel seeds) daily - for a clear stomach

2. Soak vala roots (vetiver) in your drinking water - for a calming effect

3. Finish your bath with half a bucket of water with some chandan added to it - will help you cool down.

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She first refers to the variyali drink or fennel seed drink that is extremely popular in the summer in Gujarat. "Fennel seeds are usually given in homes and restaurants after meals due to their digestive benefits." But here she focuses on the sherbet made with fennel seeds, sugar and water as a cooling drink. It helps reduce mouth odour, improves oral hygiene and helps tackle irritable bowel syndrome, she said.


Fennel seeds leave a cooling effect on your body
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The second cooling drink is made with vala roots or vetiver. "Vetiver is used in many homes in coolers to keep the air cold. It was also used as curtains due to its cooling properties," Rujuta said. Sharing the recipe, she said, "Take a small quantity of Vala roots and soak it in water. The water can be consumed after three hours. It will be fragrant, cooling and calming. The roots can be used for a period of three days after which you can dry it in the sun and use it once more for three days."

It can even be used as a body scrub. The body scrub helps in toning the upper arms and back.

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The third secret is a family recipe, says Rujuta. She explained a step to incorporate while bathing to cool the body down. "Take some sandalwood paste and mix in half a bucket of water. Use this water to end your bathing process. This will help cool the body down and even lighten acne scars in the long run," she said, adding that the process of making the sandalwood paste or chandan can be therapeutic to the mind.

The tricks primarily serve three purposes. It makes sure that the stomach is completely clear. The three tips are also extremely useful in reducing breakouts and will help you sleep well in summer.

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"Most of us tend to get irritable and acidic during this time of the year. These tricks will keep you calm while you work from home", she added.

Give these remedies a try and beat the heat!

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