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Fruit Popsicles: Here's Why This Summer Edition Of The Viral Nature's Cereal Is Worth A Try

Nature's Popsicles: This summer you can try this new variation of the popular nature's cereal. It will leave a cooling effect on your body and offer you the goodness of fruits and coconut water.

Fruit Popsicles: Here's Why This Summer Edition Of The Viral Nature's Cereal Is Worth A Try

The summer season offers the goodness of several juicy fruits


  • Add coconut water to prepare these nature's popsicles
  • You can pick a variety of seasonal fruits
  • Add sabja seeds can increase the cooling properties of the popsicle

Are you looking for healthy snacking options? Nature's cereal is one of the popular healthy options trending these days. From celebrities to nutritionists all across the world have tried the viral nature's cereal. Many are appreciating the refreshing taste and the numerous health benefits it can offer to your overall health. To prepare nature's cereal, you need to simply pick fruits of your choice, chop them and add these to a bowl. Later add coconut water and some ice cubes to cover the fruits. You can enjoy this antioxidant-rich fruit cereal to beat hunger pangs.

Recently Nutritionist Pooja Makhija and Fitness Trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared another version of nature's cereal that can be your go-to snack this summer. Keep reading to know more about this nature's cereal's summer edition.

Nature's cereal summer edition: Here's how you can prepare

To prepare this cooling treat, you need to chop your favourite fruits and place them inside popsicles moulds. Makhija later added coconut water and rose water to fill these moulds. She also added a few sabja seeds to each popsicle, as these leave a cooling effect on your body. "Added 3 cooling ingredients (sabja seeds, rose water and coconut water) to the already calming and nourishing delicious nature's gift of fruits!" Makhija writes.

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"Freeze them and these popsicles are ready for you to enjoy one a day every day," Makhija says in the video.

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Prepare your summer popsicles with seasonal fruits
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Similarly, fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala also shared a video on Instagram preparing Nature's popsicles.

"Here's my twist to the Nature's Cereal, I call it Nature's Popsicles because it's just as refreshing and delicious and super easy to make! Also, a perfect snack to beat the summer heat." Karachiwala writes in her post.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

(Yasmin Karachiwala is a fitness trainer, Pilates instructor and author)

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