Peanut Butter Vs Almond Butter: Which Is Higher In Protein?

Nut butters are a delicious and wholesome inclusion in keto diet. But, which is one is better for weight loss, and healthier? Read here to know the answer!

Peanut Butter Vs Almond Butter: Which Is Higher In Protein?

Peanut butter is cheaper, but almond butter is more nutritious


  1. Peanut butter is higher in protein than almond butter
  2. Almond butter is a better source of calcium and fibre
  3. The two are equally dense in calories

Nut butters are quite an essential part of weight loss diets like keto and low-carb. Even though they are rich in calories, people resort to nut butters in a weight loss diet as they help you keep full for longer, provide with good fat and protein, and are also extremely delicious! Peanut butter and almond butter are two of the most popular nut butters. While the former is rich in protein, the latter is a better source of calcium. Nut butters make for quick, healthy and filling breakfast option - one big reason for they are highly preferred. And not just breakfast, but nut butters can make for a quick pre-workout snack as well!

In this article, we explore which among the two - peanut butter and almond butter - is better for you, and the right way to consume nut butters in keto diet or low-carb diet for weight loss.

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Peanut butter or almond butter: which one is better?

The two are equally delicious and feeling. But peanut butter is higher in protein than almond butter. Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss and good health. It helps in build up of muscle mass and give a boost to metabolism. An efficient working metabolism is the single most important requirement for quick weight loss.

Both peanut butter and almond butter contain nearly the same amount of calories. The two can be consumed in the same way and they will have a similar affect on your weight loss goals.

According to dietitian and nutritionist Megan Boswell (as shared on Instagram) a similarity that the two have is that they are both good for heart health. This, however, is with the condition that their consumption is done in the right amount.


Peanut butter has more protein than almond butter
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If you are looking forward to increase your fibre intake, then almond butter is the one for you. Along with being a better source of fibre, almond butter is also rich in various other vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and iron. It has seven times as much calcium as peanut butter. Also, almond butter contains higher amounts monounsaturated fat and lesser saturated fat as compared to peanut butter.

However, peanut butter is the one which is comparatively cheaper and probably more easily available than almond butter. This makes peanut butter as the more preferred choice. Both the butters are good source of healthy fats that are great for your cardiovascular health.

Just make sure that you buy nut butters that do not contain added sugar or salt. They are calorie dense so portion control is the key when it comes to nut butters. If possible, try preparing your own nut butter at home!

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