#MondayMotivation: This Quick Morning Routine Can Get You Pumped Up For The Day- Try It Now!

#MondayMotivation for weight loss: Is it a daily struggle to get out of bed without feeling excessively lazy and demotivated. Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shares a quick morning routine that can help you fight this struggle, like a pro!

#MondayMotivation: This Quick Morning Routine Can Get You Pumped Up For The Day- Try It Now!

Weight loss exercise: The routine can be completed within 15 minutes


  • This morning routine can be the beginning of your healthy habits
  • It can help in improving blood circulation and reduce body pain
  • The exercises work on your flexibility and reduce lower back pain

Good morning everyone! Here's another Monday swooping right in your face and you have no option but to get up and going. Now, for some people it is easier said than done. Thanks to poor blood circulation, not only do they experience difficulty with movement and mobility in the morning, they also experience headaches and pain throughout the day. Celebrity fitness expert Kayla Itsines agrees. She takes to Instagram to share a morning routine that can motivate you to start your day at an energetic note. What's more is that the routine can also be effective in reducing body pains and headaches that you might experience through the day.

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5 weight loss exercises by Kayla Itsines that you include in your morning routine 

This morning routine can make for the start of your healthy habits. These exercises need no hefty gym equipment and can be done at the comfort of your home. They are also easy to fit in your day as it would take nothing more than 15-20 minutes to complete the routine.


This morning routine can help you start your day at a fresh note
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1. Overhead band pull apart: Watch the video below to see how the exercise is done with the right technique. It is essentially a stretching exercise that can give a nice pull to your arms and back. You need to do 20 reps of this exercise.

2. Cat cow: You need to sit on your hands and knees for performing this pose. Watch video to see how it is done. Cat pose is also a famous yoga pose. The cat cow pose can be helpful in offering relief from menstrual cramps and can even reduce lower back pain and sciatica. A cat stretch held at its peak releases tension of the upper back and neck. You need to do 10 reps of this exercise.

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3. Four-point thoracic rotation: Continue being in the same position as above, put your right hand at the back of your head and try to reach left elbow with your right palm. Kayla illustrates the exercise perfectly in the video below. This exercise can reduce stiffness in spine and may be helpful in reducing lower back pain. You need to do 10 reps (5 on each side) of this exercise.

4. Squats: Squats are the perfect leg exercise that can help you have toned legs and a perfect butt. Squats promote body-wide muscle building by creating an anabolic environment in the body. 10 reps of squats in a day are enough to get you going!

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5. Lateral lunge: Lateral lunge or side lunges are also an effective leg exercise. The exercise works on the sides of glutes - which are important stabilising muscles for the hip joint. You need to 10 reps (on each side) of this exercise.

This quick and simple morning routine can get you pumped up on a lazy day, especially the more difficult ones like Monday. This is all the #MondayMotivation you needed, isn't it?

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