Independence Day 2018: Freedom From Top 5 Unhealthy Habits

Independence Day 2018: This Independence Day, get rid of these 5 unhealthy habits from your daily routine. From drinking more water to exercising regularly, include these lifestyle changes slowly and gradually.

Independence Day 2018: Freedom From Top 5 Unhealthy Habits

Independence Day 2018: Going to bed early is a healthy habit you must follow


  • Drink more water is a healthy habit you must follow
  • Sleeping on time is essential for living healthy
  • Exercising regularly is a prerequisite for good health

We might not accept it but we all have some or the other unhealthy habits. This Independence Day 2018, why not celebrate freedom by giving away all our unhealthy habits? It is never too late to reverse your worst habits and start living a happier, healthier and better life. We cannot expect a lifestyle modification immediately. But a slow and gradual change in lifestyle can take us a long way in terms of achieving good health. This Independence Day, let's focus on good health and healthy living. Have a look at some unhealthy habits which might hamper your health.

Give up the following unhealthy habits this Independence Day 2018

1. Not drinking enough water: Water accounts for 60 percent of our body so it is obvious that drinking water benefits your total body health. Staying hydrated helps in having a sharp memory, and stable mood. It also keeps your motivation intact. Normal hydration levels also help you in having a fresh and glowing skin.


Insufficient water intake is an unhealthy habit
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2. Eating late at night: One healthy habit you should inculcate as soon as possible is - move your dinner an hour earlier. According to National Institutes of Health, early dinner can help you sleep better. Late-night meals can cause indigestion which can interfere with your sleep.

3. Not getting enough exercise: Engaging in some kind of physical activity everyday will has a positive impact on you. Exercising regularly will help you lose weight and boost your energy. Additionally, exercise keeps your heart healthy, lowers your risk of some types of chronic diseases such as breast cancer and improves blood flow to your brain. Exercising regularly helps in keeping your blood sugar under control.


Exercising regularly is a healthy habit you must follow
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4. Inadequate sleep: Skipping on sleep is big no-no. It can have an adverse effect on your immune system, your judgment and ability to make decision. You are also more likely to make mistakes and it can be unhealthy for your heart health. Being sleep-deprived may lead to depression and make it difficult for you to lose weight in case you are on a weight loss regime.

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5. Cut down intake of salt: One of the easiest ways to cut your sodium intake is to cook at home using fresh ingredients. Processed foods tend to have high amounts of sodium. To trim your sodium intake even further, try boosting the flavor of food cooked at home with some herbs and spices rather than salt. Cutting down on your salt intake will help in keeping your blood pressure levels under control.