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Here's What You Can Do To Control Your Arthritis Risk: Save Your Joints With These Precautions

Arthritis prevention: Arthritis affects joints and causes difficulty in performing day to day activities. You can prevent arthritis risk with simple precautions. Here are some of these you can follow.

Here's What You Can Do To Control Your Arthritis Risk: Save Your Joints With These Precautions

Arthritis prevention: Maintain a healthy weight to keep your joints in good shape


  • Arthritis can cause inflammation in joints
  • You must add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight to control the risk

Arthritis affects joints causing pain and stiffness that worsens with age. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Pain, stiffness, swelling and redness near joints and reduced range of motion are some signs and symptoms of arthritis. If left uncontrolled, arthritis can make it difficult to complete day to day tasks. In some cases, joints may become twisted and deformed. There is no cure for arthritis. Medical assistance helps improve the patient's quality of life. A few healthy practices can help control the risk of developing this painful condition. In this article, you will learn about different ways to control your risk.

Arthritis prevention: Here's what you need to do

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight can take a toll on your joints. You should maintain a healthy weight with the help of a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Avoid following crash diets as they are deprived of nutrition.


A healthy BMI controls the risk of arthritis
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2. Save your joints

Activities such as lifting heavy weights or sitting for too long can put stress on your joints. Also, protect your joints from injuries. If you have a sitting job, take frequent breaks and go for a small walk. If you have experienced any injury in the past, follow all the necessary precautions suggested by your doctor.

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3. Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for your overall health as well as for your joints. It reduces body weight resulting in reduced stress on your joints. Exercise also keeps your muscles around the joints moving. It is usually advised to exercise for at least 30 mins a day.


Regular exercise can help you stay healthy
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4. Quit smoking

According to studies, smoking can lead to a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. So, here's another reason why you should quit smoking. If you are unable to quit, seek medical assistance.

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5. Do not miss symptoms

Take note of the above mentioned symptoms of arthritis. If you experience any one of these you must consult a doctor.

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