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Five Nutrition Mistakes You Should Avoid During Monsoon: Expert Advice

Monsoon health tips: A healthy diet can help you avoid health issues during monsoon. Here are some diet mistakes you should avoid.

Five Nutrition Mistakes You Should Avoid During Monsoon: Expert Advice

Monsoon health tips: Drink plenty of water during monsoon to stay fit


  • Drink plenty of water to avoid monsoon dehydration
  • Eat healthy and fresh homemade snacks
  • Avoid oily snacks as much as possible

Monsoon is the time that is loved by all. The rains, the smell of the mud, the cool and cosy environment all that follows after soothing relief from the unbearable summer heat. Despite all the good things, rainy season is also a plethora of various ailments, infections, seasonal cold and flu. And, most of which happens because we become careless about our health and end up paying dearly for them. This is the reason why people are advised to take special care of their health, primarily through diet and fitness. Well, here are some 5 common monsoon mistakes that everybody makes and which you need to avoid.

Monsoon health tips: Avoid making these mistakes

1. Indulging in oily and fried foods

A hot and tempting plate of pakora and bhajiyas with a cup of chai is the perfect combination during a monsoon evening, right? Oh yes! Only if one wants to invite gastronomically complications and suffer from acidity. Since all these monsoon comforting foods causes bloating and also lead to stomach upset.


Avoid having oily snacks during monsoon to avoid digestive issues
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2. Drinking less water

During monsoon one does not feel thirsty like summer and often skip drinking enough water which leads to dehydration due to humidity during monsoon. This will make one feel more lethargic and can also affect the immunity. So, make sure to drink at least three litres of water daily.

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3. Consuming pre-cut or peeled fruits

Consuming fruits which are cut and kept in the open can catch bacteria and germs and ultimately causes various health issues. Moreover, buying fruits that are pre-cut should also not be initiated. Hence, it is better to avoid fruits which have been pre-cut or peeled and kept in the open.


Buy fresh fruits and vegetables only to prevent infections
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4. Eating fish and seafood

The risk of water contamination is high during the monsoon season as it is the breeding season for some types of fish, which makes fish and seafood susceptible to being carriers. It is therefore, best to avoid eating fish and seafood during monsoon.

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5. Having uncooked or raw food

Eating uncooked food offer an instant entry to pathogens that will ultimately take a toll on your well-being. Cooking meals help kill harmful bacteria. Thus, eating uncooked and raw food causes bacterial and viral infections at peak during monsoon time.

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To note, it is important that one should concentrate on healthy practices that ensure good health and safety instead of thinking just about what to exclude completely from your diet during monsoon.

(Nmami Agarwal is a nutritionist at Nmamilife)

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