Happy Birthday Neha Dhupia: Pregnancy Tips For Would-Be Mom Neha On Her Birthday

Happy Birthday Neha Dhupia! On her birthday, we talk about a few pregnancy tips which can help would-be mom to have a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Happy Birthday Neha Dhupia: Pregnancy Tips For Would-Be Mom Neha On Her Birthday

Pregnancy tips for would-be mom Neha Dhupia on her birthday


  1. Neha Dhupia blows the candles on August 27
  2. News about her pregnancy was revealed only recently
  3. Some pregnancy tips for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby

The very charming and graceful Neha Dhupia celebrates her birthday today. In the past 2-3 days, the actress has been making news for her freshly announced pregnancy by husband Angad Bedi. The couple was successful in keeping the pregnancy behind the curtains so far. It was probably a mutual decision to keep it a secret, as many couples avoid getting too much media attention in matters as personal as these. Previously, Gul Panag surprised everyone by sharing a picture of her 6-months old son Nihal. Angad's heartwarming post on Instagram read, "Ha! Turns out this rumor is true.. #3ofus #satnamwaheguru." The post featured Angad and Neha in a candid monochrome, with Neha's baby bump visible.

The post became trending in a minute and birthday girl Neha Dhupia really surprised all her fans with such an announcement. Minutes after the announcement, social media was flooded with congratulatory posts and how being a parent is a blessing!



Ha! Turns out this rumor is true.. #3ofus #satnamwaheguru

A post shared by Angad Bedi (@angadbedi) on

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On her birthday, we wish a safe and healthy pregnancy for Neha Dhupia. The expecting mother needs to take utmost care of herself and the baby's health in order to have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and a healthy baby.

So here a few tips for healthy pregnancy:

1. Take your prenatal vitamins timely as they are important for your health and your baby's health.

2. Exercising regularly is important to experience a healthy, hassle-free pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy can help in improving blood circulation, boost mood, reduce stress and even keep weight under control. Pregnant women can resort to exercise regimes such as yoga, Pilates and walking.

3. Pregnant women should work towards being prepared for their delivery by attending childbirth classes. It will help you learn more about childbirth and infant care.


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4. Practicing Kegel exercises can be helpful during pregnancy. They help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles which support your uterus, bladder and bowels. You can practice squeezing as if you trying to control peeing. Hold for 3 seconds and relax for 3. Repeat the process 10 times.

5. Pregnant women need to be careful about what chores they are engaged in. Lifting heavy objects, climbing stepstools, ladders, standing for too long near a hot stove are all a big no-no during pregnancy.

6. Keep a track of your weight gain in order to be sure of your child's optimum nutrition and ensure healthy birth weight.

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7. Wear comfortable footwear throughout pregnancy. If need be, buy footwear a size larger than your usual size in order to prevent swollen feet, ankles, legs and fatigue.

8. Pregnant women need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water along with 5 to 6 well-balanced meals. Folate-rich foods such as oranges and lentils can be helpful in development of baby's neural tube.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a healthy and joyous pregnancy, Neha!

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