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Exercise For Older Adults: This Easy Workout Can Help Your Parents Stay Fit

Exercise for older adults: Teach these simple exercises demonstrated by Yasmin Karachiwala to your parents to stay fit.

Exercise For Older Adults: This Easy Workout Can Help Your Parents Stay Fit

Physical movement can help keep bones and joints healthy


  • Exercise helps stay fit and keeps bones healthy
  • Regular exercise can help reduce body weight
  • It can also help counter the side effects of prolonged sitting

Yasmin Karachiwala, in her latest Instagram video, introduced easy exercises for the elderly and senior citizens. The celebrity fitness trainer showed a few simple exercises to perform at home, inspired by her mother, Kulsum Qureishi. The caption read, “We often hear doctors advising our parents that they must do some sort of exercise in order to stay active... Today's exercises are for all our parents.” Yasmin bifurcated these exercises for the beginners and the ones who have gained the momentum. “The first 3 exercises are for those of you who have never exercised before and want to start. The next 3 exercises are for you to do once you gain some strength,” Yasmin added in the note.

Exercise for the elderly: Try this workout routine

The first 3 exercises for the beginners are:

1.       Seated Bent Knee Lift (10 reps each)

2.       Seated Knee Extension (10 reps each)

3.       Supported Standing Heel Lifts (10-15 reps)

The advanced workout set goes as follows:

4.       Seated Heel Lifts (10-15 reps)

5.       Standing Straight Leg Back (8-10 reps)

6.       Supported Standing Side Lift (8-10 reps each)

Here's the video tutorial of each of the sets.

You can also make workout sessions a happy family affair by choosing a member as your partner. Yasmin, a while back, showed some duet exercises. These exercises can be performed alone but are much more effective in the company of a buddy. Exercises including Partner Sissy Squat, Crawl to Plank Clap, Russian Twist + Push-up and Sit-up come under this ritual.

Here's another extremely easy workout routine for stronger feet that can be performed by anyone. The set has toe lifts, heel lifts, foot lifts, Relevè as displayed by the fitness expert. This workout must be done in 3 sets of 6 reps each, Karachiwala added.

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Spend some time with your parents or elderly family members by teaching them these basic exercise sets.

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