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Eating Whole Eggs Is Not Bad For Your Cholesterol: Here's How

Egg can offer multiple benefits to your body. It is a well-known source of protein. But are eggs bad for your cholesterol? Read here to know the answer.

Eating Whole Eggs Is Not Bad For Your Cholesterol: Here's How

Eggs are loaded with protein and essential vitamins


  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein
  • You can cook eggs in different ways
  • A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential for a healthy heart

Unhealthy cholesterol levels are hazardous to your heart health. High cholesterol deposits in your blood vessels and makes it difficult for the blood to flow throughout the body. When left uncontrolled, these deposits can put you at risk of heart disease. Your diet has a huge impact on your cholesterol levels. It is advised to avoid certain foods that may increase levels of blood cholesterol. It is commonly believed that eggs can increase your cholesterol levels. Many also avoid consuming eggs in order to keep their heart-healthy. But are eggs really unhealthy for your heart? Let's find out here.

Heart health: Are egg yolks unhealthy for your cholesterol?

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal explains in one of her IGTVs, "You should have the complete egg with the yolk. The egg yolk what we think is full of cholesterol is an excellent source of phosphor lipids. These are bioactive lipids or fats which have a beneficial effect on cholesterol metabolism. It also has beneficial effect on inflammation and HDL (good cholesterol) function."

Research has also highlighted that eating eggs does not negatively impact your cholesterol levels. Eggs are also a rich source of essential nutrients. These are power-packed with protein, B vitamins, iron, healthy fats, vitamin A and much more.

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Eating eggs is not harmful to your cholesterol levels and heart health
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How to add eggs to your diet?

One of the best features of an egg is that you can prepare it in multiple ways. You can prepare egg curry with rice and roti or egg bhurji. You can also make an omelette or boil it, scramble it and whatnot.

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How many eggs should you eat in a day?

The nutritionist advises that you should not eat too many or too less eggs in a day. It is healthy to create a balance. According to studies and experts you can stick to 1-2 eggs daily.

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If you are suffering from poor cholesterol levels, make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle to lower these numbers. You can also seek advice from expert to take control of this condition and prevent complications linked with it.

(Munmun Ganeriwal is a Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher at Mumbai)

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