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How Many Eggs Can You Safely Eat In Day? Expert Reveals The Answer

Eggs are weight loss-friendly. These are loaded with protein and can keep you full for longer. But how many eggs you should eat in a day? Read here to know the answer.

How Many Eggs Can You Safely Eat In Day? Expert Reveals The Answer

Eating to many eggs in a day may negatively affect your health


  • Eggs are loaded with fibre but deprived of fibre
  • A hard boiled egg contain very few calories
  • You can safely consume 2 eggs in a day, says expert

Eggs are power-packed with essential nutrients. It is often said that eggs should be your best friend when trying to lose weight. These are loaded with protein and are filling, keeping you full for longer. Consuming eggs for breakfast often keeps you full till lunch. A medium-sized hard-boiled egg is also low in calories. Many also choose it as an evening snack or include it to their post-workout meal. But consuming too many eggs in a day can be harmful to your health. To understand how many eggs you can safely eat in a day, we spoke to Ritika Samaddar who is the regional head of the department of clinical nutrition and dietetics at Max hospital, Saket. Also, know the side effects of eating eggs in excess.

How many eggs are too many?

Dietician Samaddar tells, "An egg is a wonder food. It is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Egg should be part of a well-balanced diet. One egg has around 200 mg of cholesterol, but research states that intake of dietary cholesterol does not have a direct impact on blood cholesterol. Eggs also contain additional nutrients (MUFA and omega-3 fatty acids) that may help lower the risk of heart disease. Adding eggs to your diet will also provide you protein, choline, vitamin A and D and biotin."

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Eggs are loaded with protein and other essential nutrients
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How many eggs you should eat in a day?

"People, who are trying to consume a healthy diet, should keep the intake of eggs moderate to about 1-2 daily. This will not leave any side effect on the body," adds Samaddar.

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Side effects of eating eggs in excess

Eating too many will have its negative impact too, firstly eggs are high on protein, so eating too many will put a load on kidneys. Also, eggs are non-vegetarian source hence devoid of fibres. Many people are allergic to egg. So, you should be careful in such a case.

(Ritika Samaddar is Regional Head- Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket)

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