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Eat Your Way To Less Stress: Here's How This Common Vitamin Can Help You Beat Stress

Are you stressed? Stress can be more harmful than you think. A healthy diet can help you manage stress. Here's an important vitamin you should not miss to reduce stress levels.

Eat Your Way To Less Stress: Here's How This Common Vitamin Can Help You Beat Stress

Stress can affect your eating habits, sleep schedule and mental health


  • Stress can affect your hunger hormone
  • Too much stress can also lead to insomnia
  • Vitamin C rich-foods can help you manage stress

Stress can deteriorate your overall health in more ways than one. When left uncontrolled, stress can affect your mental health, body weight, eating habits, sleep pattern and much more. There can be several possible reasons behind increased stress these days. Stress can be effectively managed with a few changes in your lifestyle. The food you eat also affects your stress levels as well as overall mental health. But no many are aware of what to eat and avoid to control stress levels. Shedding light on the same, Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared a video on Instagram. Through the video shared how a common vitamin can help you manage stress.

Stress management: Add vitamin C to your diet

Diet and lifestyle are both important when trying to reduce and manage your stress. Too much stress can cause severe health issues both metal and physical.

The nutritionist says, "We have discussed about magnesium, serotonin levels and more for stress management. But a common vitamin that we often consume to give a boost to our immunity can help you manage stress too! Yes, that's vitamin C. It has a neuroprotective effect. Many know that vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant but it also has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects on the body."

"Studies have shown that in people with extreme depression, vitamin C can help with better survival mechanism and better post-stress response. Adding enough vitamin C to your diet can help improve mood," Batra adds.

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Vitamin C can help you improve mood, says the nutritionist
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What to eat?

Batra mentions that you should rely on natural sources of vitamin C. She says, "It is not necessary to add too many vitamin C supplements. You can easily get it through foods like lemon, amla, bell pepper and strawberries."

"It will help you feel better, regulate your mood and leave you energetic. During monsoon you tend to feel fatigued and exhausted. So, choose vitamin C! Make a shikanji to beat the heat and better electrolyte balance and to cope with stress," she concludes.

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Other health benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C can offer many other health benefits including a strong immune system, better iron absorption, healthy skin, improved brain function and healthy eyesight.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based nutritionist)

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