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Do You Wake Up With A Stiff Neck? Choose The Right Pillow! Here Are Some Tips That Might Help

Stiff neck: Choosing the right pillow goes a long way in preventing neck pain. Here are some tips from expert you should follow.

Do You Wake Up With A Stiff Neck? Choose The Right Pillow! Here Are Some Tips That Might Help

Neck stiffness: Choose the right pillow to avoid neck related issues


  • You need to choose the right pillow to avoid neck stiffness
  • Your shoulder length can help you determine the right pillow for you
  • Follow these three simple steps to choose the right pillow

When you experience neck pain, you often tend to blame it on wrong posture. But did you know that pillows, too, have an important role to play for a good night's sleep? Even though exchanging pillows is a common norm, it is not healthy. The usage of a pillow while sleeping should vary from person to person. In an Instagram video, fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala showed how to choose the right pillow. Yasmin, along with physiotherapist Dr Hemakshi Basu shared a few tips to get rid of stiffness in the neck.

Choose the right pillow to avoid neck stiffness

Yasmin captioned the post, "Do you wake up with a stiff neck and wonder this shouldn't be happening after you've spent so much money on your pillow?" She went on to add that she "had the same problem" until she discussed it with Dr Hemakshi Basu, who told her how to choose the right pillow.

In the clip, Dr Hemakshi Basu pointed out that a person with narrow shoulders should use a thin pillow. On the other hand, someone with broad shoulders must sleep on a thick pillow.

She further recommended 3 things to remember while choosing an appropriate pillow -

1) the height of a pillow, which plays a crucial role

2) nose has to be parallel to the pillow

3) the pressure on the shoulder should be minimal.

If you get all of these three boxes ticked, you can continue using the same pillow.

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Watch the video here:

Another simple mistake that causes neck injury is working on a laptop incorrectly. The posture while "working from home" has led to several complaints of neck, spine, and back injury. It is important to get the sitting posture right during these long working hours.

You can also try some "desk stretches" in order to deal with neck and back pain. These include neck glides, shoulder and chest stretches, arm openers, full spine stretches, and ankle stretches.

Don't let stiff neck or aching shoulders take a toll on our body and well-being. By just tweaking some lifestyle habits, you can easily control the such ailments.

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