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Three Simple Yet Effective Stretches That Can Help You Relieve Upper Back And Neck Pain

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates three effective stretches you can do at home to reduce the strain on your upper back and neck.

Three Simple Yet Effective Stretches That Can Help You Relieve Upper Back And Neck Pain

Upper back and neck pain: Simple exercises can help you deal with these issues


  • Sitting in poor position can lead to neck and back pain
  • Maintain a healthy posture while working from home
  • Try these simple exercises to get rid of neck and back pain

Working from home means sitting in front of your laptop or desktop for hours at a stretch. Sitting in one position for too long leads to strain on the back and neck which can cause severe backache. Back pain, if left untreated, can lead to severe health problems such as spondylosis. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a video wherein she demonstrates easy stretches to do to help reduce strain on your back and neck. The stretches can be done while being seated and does not require you to move away from your desk.

Spine health: Try these easy stretches for upper back and neck pain

Rujuta shared the video along with the caption that said, "Three stretches for upper back and neck pain." The stretches demonstrated in the video are as follows:

1) Stretch 1

Sit in your chair with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Raise your arms above your head with your elbows extended. Interlock your fingers and hold. Slowly turn your interlocked fingers with your palms facing the ceiling and feel your muscles tighten. 

2) Stretch 2

Remain seated on your chair. Turn your body towards the back of your chair and place your palms on the backrest of the chair. Roll your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades. Starting moving slowly towards the back of your chair from your lower abdomen. Repeat on both sides. 

3)  Stretch 3

Begin by standing up and placing your palms on the seat of your chair with your fingers raised outwards. Ensure that there is a significant distance between you and the chair so that your arms are stretched straight and your hip is raised. Lift your shoulders up as you stretch and raise your hip higher. Ensure that you do not let your shoulders drop down. Look straight ahead as you do this stretch. 

Watch the video here:

Previously, Rujuta Diwekar had demonstrated three simple stretches to be done every day to help strengthen the back and its muscles. Rujuta had suggested that the exercises be done regularly to nourish the spine from all sides. Read all about the three stretches here.

Don't let the strain on your back and neck escalate. Do these easy stretches whenever you feel soreness, for quick relief.

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