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Diabetes Diet: Can Diabetics Replace Sugar With Honey?

Diabetes: Can you swap white sugar with honey, jaggery or other natural forms of sugars when suffering from diabetes? Let's find out.

Diabetes Diet: Can Diabetics Replace Sugar With Honey?

Diabetes diet: A healthy diet and lifestyle can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels


  • Diabetes can be managed with a healthy diet
  • Avoid consumption of sugar in all forms if you have diabetes
  • Diabetics can eat fruits in moderation

Diabetics are always advised to consume a healthy diet that helps in managing healthy blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled diabetes negatively affects different organs of the body and lead to severe complications later. While choosing foods for a diabetes diet, it is important to keep in mind the effect of food consumed on your blood sugars. Consumption of sugar, desserts, candies, cookies and other sweet delicacies can lead to a blood sugar spike. There are other natural forms of sugar like honey, jaggery, maple syrup and much more. Can you replace table sugar with these natural forms of sugar? Read on to find out.

Diabetes diet: Can diabetics consume natural forms of sugar

Dr. V Mohan reveals in one of his IGTVs whether diabetics can add honey to foods and drinks or not. "It is commonly believed that people with diabetes can replace sugar with honey, jaggery or other alternate forms of sugar. But these all are finally converted into glucose after they enter the body."

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Diabetics should avoid consumption of honey and jaggery
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"Someone with diabetes who intake anyone of these can experience high blood sugar levels. So it is better to avoid other forms of sugar. If you want to sweeten your coffee or tea, you can use artificial sweetener in a limited amount."

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How to beat sugar cravings when suffering from diabetes?

You can start by consuming a balanced meal. Adding a fruit to your meal can help combat those sugar cravings. Diabetics can eat seasonal fruits but in moderation.

Also, try to distract yourself whenever you feel like eating sugar. Sometimes you are either thirsty or hunger and it is often mistaken with sugar cravings. So, try drinking water, snacking something healthy or do activities that can distract you.

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Managing stress can also help diabetics. When you are stressed, you are more likely to consume more calories or something sweet. Try practising yoga and meditation to beat stress.

(Dr. V Mohan is Chairman & Chief of Diabetology at Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre & President, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, India)

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