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Craving Sugar? Here's A Simple Three-Step Plan That Can Help You Beat Cravings

The nutritionist's simple kitchen secrets will help you overcome your cravings as well as bloating and poor sleep

Craving Sugar? Here's A Simple Three-Step Plan That Can Help You Beat Cravings

Consuming too much sugar is linked with many health issues


  • Know the difference between cravings and hunger
  • Having excess sugar can make you gain weight
  • You can beat sugar cravings with the help of these simple steps

Sugar cravings are common when one is stressed, a delicious chocolate cake or a donut seem very tempting. But consumption of too much sugar is linked with several health issues including weight gain. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares some very useful and simple tips that will not only help overcome sugar cravings but also help reduce bloating and aid in resuming a healthy and good sleep cycle. And the best part? All these remedies are found in your kitchen and are healthy options to include in your regular diet.

Ways to beat sugar cravings

According to Rujuta, when one experiences sugar cravings it means the loss of essential nutrients. She said, “Anytime you crave sugar you will experience these three things — bloating a little bit of acidity or a headache, dehydration, and poor sleep.”

These three are indicators why sugar craving is a bad thing. So, does this mean that every time you eat a sweet after a meal, you are craving sugar? No.

Rujuta explains the difference between eating when hungry and eating due to craving. She said, “Hunger is something you need to feel and craving is something we need to ensure is not there.”

Eating a sweet after a meal because it is in front of you is fine, a craving is when you are driven by the desire to eat only that particular food. There is a difference between a craving and hunger. “Craving is when you feel like you just have to eat that one thing and you feel like you are going mad unless you eat it,” she adds.


You need to identify the difference between craving and hunger
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So how do you stop yourself from craving sugar? The expert has these 3 tips:

1) Include homemade pickles or murabba into your meals

2) Diversify your pulse intake

3) And, at least twice a week eat a millet like bajra, jowar or ragi

Making these simple and conscious changes in your diet will ensure you are not left with a craving for a sweet but have the capacity to still enjoy a sweet. 

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If you are looking for workouts to go along with these diet changes to improve your fitness levels, try these few simple but effective exercises suggested by Rujuta. Read about it here.

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