Boost Your Energy Levels Instantly With These 3 Food Items

Garden cress seeds, sprouted pulses, and cashews can boost your energy levels.

Boost Your Energy Levels Instantly With These 3 Food Items

Eating a few cashews can help boost energy levels

Many people fight with daily fatigue and feel unenergetic all the time. The cause could be various health issues or a lack of physical activity. Addressing this common concern, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar offers a solution in her Instagram Reels. In her video, she highlights three food items that can do wonders for those struggling with perpetual low energy. These simple dietary additions could be the key to feeling healthier, fitter, and more energised throughout your day.

Foods to stay energetic

1. Garden Cress Seeds (Aliv/Halim Seeds):

These seeds, known as aliv in Marathi and halim in Hindi, are packed with benefits. They are rich in folic acid and iron, which help boost your haemoglobin levels. When your haemoglobin levels are adequate, your body forms more oxyhemoglobin, allowing oxygen to reach every cell, including your brain. This enhances mental pace and enthusiasm while promoting overall vitality. You can enjoy garden cress seeds as laddus in between meals or mix them in milk as a bedtime drink.

2. Whole Pulses:

To boost your energy levels, start eating whole pulses. First, soak them for 5-6 hours. Then, drain the water and wrap the soaked pulses in a muslin cloth, allowing them to sprout. Once they have sprouted nicely, you can use them to prepare a delicious curry or sabzi.  Alternatively, enjoy them as a mid-meal snack before 4 to 6 PM. Low energy often stems from a shortage of essential minerals, leading to unstable blood sugar levels. It is also linked to insufficient protein and amino acid intake, which can leave you feeling low on energy and hinder recovery. To combat this, make sure to incorporate these pulses, legumes, and sprouts into your diet at least 4-5 times a week.

3. Cashews:

Combat mental fatigue with the energy-boosting properties of cashews. These nuts are often wrongly associated with increased cholesterol levels, but they contain zero bad cholesterol and are, in fact, heart-protective. Cashews raise levels of HDL, the "good" cholesterol, and are rich in magnesium, promoting nerve relaxation. Even during periods of low energy, such as PMS, cashews can provide a revitalising solution. Incorporate cashews into your diet to not only enhance your energy but also support overall well-being.

Take a look at Rujuta Diwekar's Instagram video below:

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