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Are You Drinking Enough Water? This Quick Dehydration Test Can Help You Find Out

Dehydration test: Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared the importance of staying hydrated in her new Instagram video. Here's a quick way to determine whether you are drinking enough water or not.

Are You Drinking Enough Water? This Quick Dehydration Test Can Help You Find Out

Dehydration can lead to dry skin, extreme thirst, pain during urination and headaches


  • Dehydration can lead to several side effects
  • Drinking enough water is crucial for different organs to function
  • Dry skin can be a sign of dehydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of remaining fit in the summer. However, amid our hectic schedules, we often tend to forget to sip on water. This is harmful to the body as dehydration can cause a host of issues ranging from bad breath to dryness of the skin. In more severe cases, one can even experience headaches. But is there a simple way to determine whether you are drinking enough water in between your routine activities? Yes. Thanks to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, you can now sit at your desk and determine if you are dehydrated or not. She began her new Instagram video by describing water to be the “golden nutritional tool forgotten by many of us, especially while travelling.”

Are you dehydrated? This simple test can help you determine

She further said, “Here is an easy way to figure out if your body needs more water. Take the skin on your knuckles and pinch it. If the skin goes down easily, then you are hydrated. If it takes a long time to go down, clearly you are dehydrated. This is not the most robust way to catch dehydration, but it does work.”

In the caption, she wrote, “Chalo, let's do a quick test and then go quickly chug a glass of health's most forgotten essential - water!”

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Other signs of dehydration visible on your body-

Dehydration can lead to dryness of skin, dry eyes, irritability, less urination, fatigue, dizziness, headache and muscle cramp. In severe cases one may also faint or experience rapid heartbeat.

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Not drinking enough water can lead to dizziness and extreme fatigue
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The expert also recently spoke about ways to tackle hair fall triggered by COVID-19 infection. In a video, she said that she would consume seven almonds and two walnuts, one teaspoon each of chia, pumpkin and flax seeds, and one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach daily. For protein, Makhija also recommended the consumption of eggs. She also spoke about the importance of consuming ample vitamin D, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. In her caption, she wrote, “These are nutrients (foods + supplements) that have helped my clients and me as well post covid.”

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The celebrity nutritionist, however, suggested consulting the doctor before following her instructions.

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