Alia Bhatt Diet: Beetroot Salad, Chia Pudding And Khichdi, You'll Find These Healthy Options In Alia Bhatt's Kitchen

Alia Bhatt Diet: In one of her recent videos Alia Bhatt shares a quick tour to her kitchen and prepares some of her favourite foods. She also shares details about her diet and it can be clearly seen that her menu is loaded with healthy food options.

Alia Bhatt Diet: Beetroot Salad, Chia Pudding And Khichdi, You'll Find These Healthy Options In Alia Bhatt's Kitchen

Alia Bhatt includes the likes of chia pudding and beetroot salad in her diet


  • Alia Bhatt is very strict when it comes to her diet
  • Alia cooked betroot salad and chia pudding
  • Kichdi is also Alia's favourite option

Alia Bhatt is a fitness inspiration for many. The actress lost a huge amount of weight before her debut film. A few days back Alia shared a video of her complete workout regimen on her YouTube channel. In one of her recent videos, Alia gives fans a sneak peek into her kitchen and some of her favourite healthy foods. Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight. It should ensure intake of all necessary nutrients which are required by the body. In the video, Alia gives a complete tour to her kitchen and cooked a few of her favourites. Alia is quite strict when it comes to her diet and she loves foods, as mentioned in the video.The Gully Boy actress cooked with her head chef Dilip Pandit and prepared a few healthy choices which she enjoys the most.

Alia Bhatt Diet: Favourite healthy choices of Alia Bhatt

1. Beetroot salad

Beetroot is extremely healthy and loaded with essential nutrients. Beetroot salad prepared by Alia includes boiled and grated beetroot, yogurt, curry leaves, cumin seeds, black pepper and many more with a very small amount of oil. The actress mentioned that beetroot salad is something she loves a lot and that it was her favourite meal during the shoot of Dear Zindagi.


Alia Bhatt: Beetroot salad is one of Alia's favourite foods
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Beetroot salad is delicious, healthy and low in calories. A beetroot is rich in protein, fibre, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, iron and manganese.

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2. Chia pudding

Chia seeds are also a powerhouse of nutrients with limited calories. These seeds are rich in fibre, high-quality protein, antioxidants, magnesium and many other nutrients. Alia prefers chia pudding for breakfast or as an evening snack. She prefers chia pudding with a blend of many amazing healthy ingredients including roasted chia seeds, coconut milk, one scoop of protein powder and a few drops of artificial sweetener.


Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and are a great option for weight loss
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Alia also enjoys cheat days and prefers eating desserts on her cheat days. Her chef Dilip mentioned that moong dal halwa and kheer are some of her favourite desserts. Earlier in the video, she mentioned that rajma salad and khichdi are also her favourites apart from beetroot salad and chia pudding.


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As per the choices Alia chooses a combination of healthy foods that are loaded with essential nutrients. Regular exercise and diet play a major role in maintaining a healthy weight as well as for better health and Alia swear by both of these.

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