Watch: Vlogger Makes "Banana Leaf Halwa," Internet Loves His Reaction

Easy halwa recipes: A video showing a vlogger making a halwa out of banana leaves has received a lot of interest online. His reaction to his creation has gone viral.

Watch: Vlogger Makes 'Banana Leaf Halwa,' Internet Loves His Reaction

A viral video shows the making of Banana Leaf Halwa (Photo Credit: Instagram/ great_indian_asmr)

Halwa is one of the most popular sweets in India. This delicacy is often made for festivals and special occasions. It has several lip-smacking variations across the country. From atta halwa to pineapple halwa, you may have tasted different varieties. But have you ever come across banana leaf halwa? Recently, a vlogger tried his hand at making this unusual dish. He shared a reel documenting the method he followed, and it has gone viral. In the Instagram video by great_indian_asmr, we see the vlogger first cleaning the banana leaves and removing the stem that runs through the centre. Once done, he flattens the leaves, rolls them and cuts them to make strips. He mixes these strips with a little water in a blender to form a green puree. He collects the puree in a cloth and passes it through a strainer.

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Next, the vlogger heats ghee in a pan and adds the green juice to it. He also adds sugar, cornflour slurry and nuts. He cooks the mixture until it thickens to the typical halwa consistency. Finally, he tastes his own creation. Wondering what he felt about it? Watch the complete viral video below (and don't forget to keep the sound on).

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The reel has received more than 49 million views so far. In the comments, many people remarked on his candid reaction to the banana leaf halwa. A few came up with witty names for this bizarre sweet. Read some of the reactions from Instagram below:

"Hats off for your original reaction."

"His expression proved the taste."

"The last reaction is the highlight of this video."

"Chlorophyll halwa."

"Hulk halwa."

"Bro made that infamous alien food."

"Thank you for your service, now we know what not to do."

Before this, another recipe video by the same vlogger took the internet by storm. It showcased a combination of biryani flavours and Maggi. Check out the full story here.

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