Will Ice Be Hot New Trend? Viral Video Reveals How Ice Is Eaten In Himachal Pradesh

Did you know ice is a common delicacy in Himachal Pradesh? The viral video shows the making of the dish.

Will Ice Be Hot New Trend? Viral Video Reveals How Ice Is Eaten In Himachal Pradesh

The viral video is quite a revelation.

Ice isn't just for chilling drinks in Himachal Pradesh - it's a special treat! Thanks to a viral video by a local digital creator, the world now knows about this cool tradition from the hills. Himachal's 'ice' is making waves online as a hot new food trend. Imagine crushed ice mixed with spicy flavours that leave your taste buds amazed and curious. The internet is full of surprises, especially when it comes to food. From bizarre food combos to unusual dishes, you'll find it all on your social media feed. This video showing a unique dish made with ice caught everyone's attention.

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In the video shared on the Instagram handle @ruc.hhiiiiii, the digital creator declares that eating ice is a tradition in her hometown in the hills. Then she shows how to make the icy treat. She crushed ice from Himachal and added in a green-coloured paste made of fresh coriander, tangy imly, and fiery red chilli powder. She says that you can add more spices if you like, but sugar is a must!

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Even though it sounds strange, people online seem to be curious about it. The video has gathered more than 4 million views and over 76k likes on the platform.

Not too long ago, another internet sensation called "snowcream" caused a stir. In a viral video, someone mixed fresh snow with sugar, evaporated milk, and vanilla essence. People had different opinions about it. Even Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon joined the trend, showing how to make a snow treat with caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, and cold brew. The internet is buzzing with discussions about these chilly treats and whether they're the next big thing in food!