Watch: Blue Pea Dosa Is The New Viral Experiment On The Block. Internet Is Divided

Recently, a viral video showing the making of a unique blue dosa has taken the internet by storm. Read to know how people reacted.

Watch: Blue Pea Dosa Is The New Viral Experiment On The Block. Internet Is Divided

A viral video showcases the preparation of blue pea dosa (Photo Credit: Instagram/ jyotiz_kitchen)

Many will agree that South Indian cuisine is food for the soul. From the incredible aroma of sambhar to the crunchiness of dosa and vadas, South Indian cuisine has a special place in people's hearts. Their beloved status also makes them the target for food experiments. In recent times, we have come across several strange twists on the regular idli, dosa and medu vada. Among the latest experiments making waves online is a blue dosa. This dosa is prepared by adding the butterfly pea flower extract to the batter. The Internet has a lot to say about this unusual dosa recipe that has gone viral. 

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In the Instagram reel by @jyotiz_kitchen, we see a person boiling a few of the flowers, which turns the water into a deep blue colour. Next, this solution is strained into a bowl and dosa batter is added to it. After combining, the batter gets a blue tinge. The person then prepares a tawa for making the dosa. They ladle a spoonful of the batter and spread it in a circular manner. The crisp dosa is later plated along with chutneys. Watch the complete reel below:

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The video has received 1 million views so far. In the comment section, Instagram users seemed rather divided about this idea. While some were curious to taste it, others were not very convinced. Read some of the reactions below. 

"Good idea because blue pea flower is considered really healthy."
"That is such a pretty colour."
"Wow this is soo amazing."
"Never tried but would love to. What's the chutney made of? It looks delicious."
"This dosa looks venomous."
"Dosa is getting more complicated man."

Hundreds of users also tagged @thekurtaguy, the content creator who is popular for his reaction videos focusing on bizarre dosas. "Kurta guy crying in the corner," read one comment, while others were clamouring for his review of this unconventional dosa.

Would you like to give this dosa a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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